Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Ref. 311. review

It’s hard not to love an anniversary edition watch, isn’t it? It’s even harder when you’re talking about one of the most iconic chronographs of all time – The Omega Speedmaster. At Baselworld 2017, Omega unveiled a 60th-anniversary limited edition reference of their most popular watch that rivals the epic Daytona from Rolex.

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Rather than go for “inspiration“, or “reworking the design“, Omega decided to straight-up recreate the original Speedmaster referenceCK2915-1 down to the smallest details (faux patina and all).

There’s no doubt that this watch is a must-have for Omega enthusiasts. The watchmaker has kept this limited edition model to only 3,557 pieces.

Here’s what you’ll find in the 60th-Anniversary Limited Edition Omega Speedmaster

38 mm case with tachymetric bezel

Most current Speedmaster enthusiasts are probably used to the 42mm case with lyre lugs, but the original had a considerably smaller 38mm cast with straight lugs. Omega has decided to go back to the original design here.

They also went back with the exact same tachymetric scale that can be found on the original; old school font and all. One of the fun details here is the French spelling of “tachymetre” found at the top of the dial, just like it was on the CK2915-1.

Faux patina on the dial

In order to give the 60th-anniversary edition an “old school” look, Omega has added a faux patina on the broad arrow hands of the dial, as well as the hour markings. Fortunately, it doesn’t look cheesy or overdone here and actually makes the watch look period correct.

Essentially, everything is the same on the dial as you would find on the original Speedmaster CK2915-1. The “Omega” logo and “Speedmaster” font have been changed as well.

The only real exceptions are the additions of Omega’s new luminescence (dubbed SuperLuminova), and the “Swiss made” has been moved inside of the tick marks rather than outside like the original dial.

Calibre 1861

The only major difference between the CK2915-1 and the 311. is the movement. The original Speedmaster featured the calibre 321, but admittedly it wouldn’t make much sense for Omega to try and recreate such an outdated movement. Not only would it be a massive undertaking, but it also just isn’t as reliable.

Instead, they opted to go with the newer 1861. So essentially with the 60th-anniversary edition, you are getting the original look with modern functionality.

Seamaster and Railmaster

Omega didn’t just stop at the Speedmaster. The Seamaster and Railmaster were also given 60th-anniversary editions with the same retro look that can be found on the reference 311.

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The trio can be purchased together in a slick anniversary edition box for somewhere just south of $20,000. Omega created 577 of these sets, which means that there are 577 more Speedmasters floating around on the market in addition to the 3,577 limited production number.

Final thoughts on the 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Omega Speedmaster

If you’re an Omega enthusiast and love the history and look of the Speedmaster, you’ll want to be in the market for the 60th-anniversary edition. We love that Omega decided to go with a replica instead of trying to “reimagine” the design.

The Omega Speedmaster 311. retails for roughly $6,700.

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