Secure Your Precious Items

Safe & Insured Shipping With Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers

We understand the value of your precious items. Follow our easy steps to ensure they are securely packaged and insured for shipping with Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers.

Packaging Your Items

Shipping with Jonathan's Fine Jewelers

Begin by securing your items in either the original jewelry packaging or an envelope or a tamper-proof bag. Place it inside a small FedEx box and ensure it’s cushioned to prevent rattling. Suitable materials include bubble wrap, paper, or even grocery bags. You can also tape the package to the inside of the box for extra security.

Important: Include a note with your name, contact information, and instructions for us regarding your items.

The Double Box Method

Shipping with Jonathan's Fine Jewelers

After securing the small box, place it inside a Medium FedEx Box with additional cushioning. This double boxing method is crucial for preventing tampering and ensuring the package moves without shifting.

Pro Tip: Write the tracking number on the outside of the inner box to keep it easily accessible. Remember, failing to double box your items may void the insurance.

Labeling Your Package

Shipping with Jonathan's Fine Jewelers

Use the accompanying label provided by Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers for shipping. It’s essential not to disclose the contents or value of your package to anyone, except if mandated by customs authorities.

Note: If you choose not to use our provided label, your items might not be insured for their full value.

Safe Delivery to FedEx

Shipping with Jonathan's Fine Jewelers

Always hand your package directly to a FedEx employee. Do not leave it in a drop-box. The insurance is only valid when your package is scanned by a FedEx representative, ensuring a secure and traceable delivery.

Insurance and Responsibility

While we offer guidance and assistance, ensuring your property is properly packed and secured is ultimately your responsibility. This is to safeguard against the ordinary risks associated with transport.

Questions or Concerns?

We’re here to help! Contact us anytime if you have questions or need further assistance with shipping your items.