For ease of reference, we are providing a glossary of diamond terms so you can have a better understanding of how to buy a diamond and become better educated about diamonds throughout the shopping process.

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers prides ourselves on giving customers the best possible information so that you can make an informed decision on your diamond purchase.

You should never feel uncomfortable during the diamond buying process. Period. If you have any questions about a diamond or even want us to show you how to inspect a stone, we will happily assist.

Glossary of Diamond Terms:

Diamond Anatomy – All the characteristics of the diamond after it is polished and shaped

Blemish – A flaw present on the surface of the diamond

Brilliance – The brightness of the diamond to the naked eye

Bruise – A chip on the surface of the diamond

Carat – The weight of a diamond

Cavity – An opening or depression on the surface of the diamond

Chip – A shallow nick created on the surface of the diamond, usually during cutting and sometimes during setting the stone

Clarity – The degree of imperfections in or on a diamond

Cloud – A tight grouping of pinpoint inclusions

Color – The tint in a white diamond

Crown – The entire portion of the diamond that sits above the girdle

Crystal – A mineral deposit found inside a diamond

Cutlet – The small area at the very bottom of the diamond that can be a point or a facet sitting parallel to the table

Cut – The diamonds proportions, symmetry and polish

Depth – The distance between the culet and the table

Diamond Plot – A map of a diamond’s interior and exterior

Facet – Flat polished surface on any side of a diamond

Feather – A fracture in the diamond that often has lines radiating from it and looks like a feather

Fire – The light that reflects out of a diamond

Fluorescence – A blue glow that can appear in some diamonds

Girdle – The outer edge of the diamond where the crown meets the pavilion

Inclusion – An internal flaw in the diamond

Pavilion – The entire portion of the diamond that sits below the girdle

Pinpoint – A very small crystal within a diamond

Polish – The degree of smoothness of each facet of a diamond

Proportion – The relationship of the size, shape and angle of each facet of a diamond

Scintillation – The sparkle of a diamond when it moves

Step Cut – A diamond cut with long, rectangular facets, which run parallel to the girdle

Symmetry – How each facet of a diamond aligns and intersects

Table – Uppermost flat part of the diamond that is parallel to the girdle

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