Engagement Ring Video Gallery

If you would like to create any of the designs in our engagement ring video gallery, please let us know when you schedule your appointment!

Why is custom design the only way?

It’s simple really. The word custom has a special feel to it. Your engagement is a significant event in life, and it is a celebration that is incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind. Why celebrate such an important milestone with a cookie cutter ring design?

Jonathan’s is a wholesale jeweler and estate diamond buyer. We source our diamonds for custom ring designs at significantly lower prices than any large store you are thinking of! Over the course of our quarter-century serving the Houston area, we have built the largest diamond inventory in the state. This means that our customers have more diamond options at lower prices than they ever imagined possible.

Over the past 25 years, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has carefully perfected the process for creating incredibly beautiful custom ring designs. Our process is unlike any other – you select your diamond, we create a design together, and you receive a product that we guarantee you will be proud of for life.

Is custom design really less expensive?

Absolutely. Our design and production work is done in house with lower markups than you will find anywhere else in the industry. Most jewelry stores can’t purchase their diamonds for the low prices that we can, and they have to outsource the design work. The customer pays extra when the work is done off-site. 

How is the quality?

Literally incredible. We design our rings to exacting standards by mixing new-school computer design with old-school knowledge. We use digital C.A.D. designs, quality metals, the best GIA certified diamonds, and hand setting and polishing to create an unbelievable product. If you want to see for yourself, give us a call or make an appointment through our contact page to learn more. We guarantee that your future wife will love her custom engagement ring.


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