Traditionally, gold was the metal that was used for wedding bands from as early as 200 A.D. In fact, traditionally gold has been the metal of choice for most jewelry and for good reason.

  • Yellow gold warms instants to your body temperature making it comfortable to wear
  • It feels as if it’s a part of you
  • Gold is malleable yet strong, allowing for a wide range of intricate and custom made designs
  • It is the perfect metal for engraving
  • It can come in three shades – yellow, pink or white
  • It’s easy to size or resize
  • Yellow gold is an investment
  • It can be melted down and made into something new but it cannot be destroyed
  • It can always be repaired

Tradition & History of Yellow Gold and Marriage

The gold band symbolizes the timelessness of love and honors the tradition of marriage.  “With this ring, I thee wed” and then you slip that gold band on your beloved’s finger.  If you think about it, gold has been at the center of marriage and is the original and authentic symbol of love.  The unbroken circle of love that is the traditional wedding band that is made of gold.

In some religions, it is tradition that you can only be married in a plain gold band, like in Judaism.  And, in other religions it is tradition that during the marriage you are adorned with gold, like in a Hindu ceremony.  Either way, gold has been an essential part of celebrating love and commitment.

Tips for Buying Yellow Gold

  1. Take your time.  There are a ton of choices out there when you get ready to shop for those wedding bands, so take your time.  Think about the color and the style you want and the width of the band before you start to look.  We recommend you start to look fairly early, as this gives you plenty of time to explore your options and get exactly what you want, especially if you get something made.
  2. Know your Karats.  Carats are diamonds and Karats are gold.  Gold is often combined with other metals to make it stronger.  The higher the karats the more pure the gold, or the less there are of other metals.
    • 24 Kt is 100% gold and is absolutely pure
    • 18 Kt is 75% gold and is considered the best to buy for watches and jewelry
    • 14 Kt is 58.3% gold and is the most popular choice and karat amount that is sold
    • If it is below 10 Kt it is not considered gold and cannot be called gold and it is actually illegal to call it gold in the United States
  3. It’s An Investment. Remember that this is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you will have in your box at the end of the day.  Your wedding band.  Don’t compromise on it.
  4. Engraving makes it special. Nothing makes it more special than if you add a special engraving on the inside of the ring. It can be initials and the date or a saying.  But, instead of letting your soon to be know that you are doing an engraving, surprise them with it.

We sell a lot of rings at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers! And, I love when a couple comes in and buys those plain gold matching wedding bands.  Something about plain old tradition that just still warms my heart.

What type of wedding bands do you prefer?

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