Are you looking to buy a women’s watch for the 2015 holidays?

Rolex Women's Watch

Women’s watches are an extremely popular gift for this time of year. At Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, we keep a close eye on the ebb and flow of fashions and styles in the fine watch industry, and we are starting to see some significant changes in the watch models that women are wearing in 2015. We believe it’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to buying jewelry gifts – and this recent emerging trend in ladies’ watches is big. Literally.


We are seeing a shift in women’s watches away from the traditional smaller sizes to larger men’s and unisex watches.


For years, the traditional women’s watch size has been 26mm or smaller.  Now, women are starting to prefer a larger, sportier watch style across the popular brands – especially Rolex. Please take a look at the video below for a few examples from our in-store watch inventory:

In addition to larger watches, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has also noticed the following holiday trends for ladies in 2015:


Solid Colors are gaining popularity.

While two tone has been a staple of ladies’ watches for years, we have recently noticed many women moving towards solid colors; either stainless steel or yellow gold.

Rolex is still king.

Jonathan’s carries every fine brand of watches in our showroom, from Cartier to Patek Philippe. However, we have continually seen the highest sales in our Rolex watches – particularly the sportier designs like Daytona and Submariner. If you would prefer to go an alternate route, keep it simple; A solid color 36mm Datejust with an oyster or jubilee bracelet is a safe alternative to the sporty designs.

Bling is in.

Watch customizations are very popular with ladies. We often sell Rolex or other fine watches with a standard dome bezel and face, and then customize the watch with a diamond bezel and/or face. This work is done in-house by our watch specialist, which helps cut down on extraneous costs for our customers.


Still not sure which direction to go in? Here are a few popular women’s watch options from our inventory:


Stainless Steel Rolex Milgauss – Ref: 116400GV

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers Price: $6,300

Women's Watches are an incredible holiday gift! Rolex Milgauss

Stainless Steel Cartier Santos Demoiselle – Ref: 2701

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers Price – $1,750

Cartier Women's Watches Jonathan's Fine Jewelers

Patek Phillipe Stainless Steel With Diamond Bezel Ref: 4910

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers Price – $7,500

Women's Watch Patek Phillipe Jonathan's Fine Jewelrs

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers carries an extensive selection of watches from all fine brands in our showroom. If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for in stock, we can overnight any style of watch that you would like. Please be aware – watch customizations can take up to 4 weeks from order to completion. There is still plenty of time to get custom designs completed before the holidays!


A word on watch prices during the holidays:

Jonathan’s has the unique ability to sell complete, original fine watch sets with warranties, serial numbers, and boxes at well below retail prices. However, as the holiday season grows near – supply and demand takes over. In short, the longer you wait to purchase watches before the holidays, the higher the prices. 


If you act now, you’ll enjoy steep discounts compared to retail prices!

Don’t miss out on Jonathan’s huge holiday discounts! Call today at (713) 977-9885 to schedule an appointment or find our appointment page here and lock in your discounted watch price!


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