We’re grateful this holiday season for all of our clients and customers. It’s truly an honor to serve the Houston community, and we thank you for your continued business!  Because of you, we’re Houston’s first choice for wholesale jewelry and luxury watches.

We believe part of our success stems from the closely knit Jonathan’s team and the absolute joy we find in the work we do.

Today we’re excited to showcase the Jonathan’s experience through the eyes of one of our own- Keifer Nuncio.  Please enjoy learning about Keifer and why the guest experience is so special for him in this two part interview series.

    Keifer is on the far right


In many ways I grew up around watches, jewelry, and trinkets. My father, Sergio, worked in the pawn shop business in his earlier years while I was a kid before teaming up with his partner Jon (yes, THE Jonathan) in the early 90’s. They began what is now one of the most reputable jewelry wholesale companies in the city of Houston.

I was never passionate about luxury watches until I graduated college. My father, as promised, gifted me a Rolex for being the first in our family to earn a college degree.  It was a Rolex Submariner anniversary edition known as “the Hulk” with an incredible green hue- my first ever Rolex. The watch itself and the milestone it represents deem it a priceless watch that will continue to be passed down within my family for years to come.

What I love most about the jewelry business is the connectedness I have with my community through the work we do here at Jonathan’s. I’m very much a social person, and working at Jonathan’s has been the perfect fit. I get to pair my affinity for luxury watches and jewelry with building a personal relationship with every guest that walks into our showroom.


It’s a combination of several key aspects- trust, education level, inventory knowledge, and time spent in the business.  Jon and Jay are 3rd generation jewelers and the collective staff have decades of experience. All of these aspects together are what makes Jonathan’s the industry wide authority in diamonds, gemstones, watches, and custom manufacturing.

Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers was originally established in 1990 when my father Sergio partnered with Jonathan Siegel.  For the first 10 years, it was just my father and Jon grinding out the hours and building the foundation for what is now a company with Houston’s largest diamond inventory.




CUSTOMERS BECOME FRIENDS.  First of all, we have the most relaxed and genuine sales environment in the industry.  We’ll never make you feel like you’re visiting a car dealership.

You’ll also always see the same faces here at Jonathan’s. This creates a genuine relationship between client and staff.  All of us here at Jonathan’s regularly begin real friendships with some of our clients, and I think that says a lot about the environment. We aim to gain long term clientele, not short quick sales simply for the profit.

Over the last 5 years I’ve worked here, several clients have turned into great friends. It not only makes for a great buying experience, but it makes the selling process that much more special.

CONNECTION TO COMMUNITY.  Many of our guests are individuals we’ve met due to our community involvement. Jay, who has been with Sergio and Jon for 20 years- has been the lead cook for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo for almost 15 years. He continues to meet more and more people through this network and we enjoy having them come through our store.

I personally stay connected with organizations from my time at the University of Texas at Austin. I sponsor football season tailgates with the Texas Iron Spikes, and love giving back to the community.

INVENTORY.  You can’t go into just any store and view millions of dollars worth of loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes during the same buying session.

Having the largest, wholesale, loose diamond inventory in the city of Houston, we’re able to both educate and show you several different options depending on your preferences. Most stores will need a few days in advance notice if you are wanting to look at diamonds. This is mainly because they need extra time to have diamonds sent to them from various diamond dealer contacts of theirs, and even when they do this you are typically limited to only one or two options.

In addition, since we own everything in our inventory, we set our own prices.  We always aim to be the best value comparatively within the market.


Thanks for taking the time to provide some insight on the Jonathan’s family and the client experience, Keifer! Come back next week for the second part of the interview.  Keifer will walk you through what to expect during your first visit to our showroom.  He’ll also give more insight on Jonathan’s inventory and how we help design and create custom jewelry for our clients!

Happy Christmas! 


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