Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has been in the wholesale jewelry and diamond business for almost 25 years. We’ve saved our customers a TON of money in that timespan. We truly believe that buying fine jewelry at wholesale prices is the absolute best way to buy quality products at ridiculously low prices.

Why Buying Wholesale Jewelry and Diamonds is a Popular Option

First and foremost, the price of wholesale jewelry and diamonds can’t be beat. First time customers come to our showroom and are shocked when they see our low prices. We’ll never tire of seeing the expressions on their faces.

Most of our clients have done a lot of research on their own before they come in, and have a general idea of what they can afford at one of the big name stores that you’d find in a mall. It’s no surprise we have many loyal, returning customers who have become good friends over the years. 

Wholesale Jewelry Prices are Much Less Expensive 

So how can our prices be so much lower? Basically we have much smaller markups on our GIA certified diamonds and jewelry than the big name brands.

Think of any popular jewelry store. Sure, that one will work. Because they spend so much on advertising yearly and have out of this world overhead costs, they generally will mark up their inventory as much as 100%-300%. Yep, you read that correctly.  

At Jonathan’s, our mark up prices on wholesale jewelry usually land in the 10%-15% range. Like any business, we need to make money to survive. However, our business model allows us to do it with much lower prices, which is ultimately good for our customer base.

Custom Jewelry Design

After our incredibly low prices, custom jewelry design is the next reason to shop wholesale jewelry and diamonds. Finding the perfect diamond ring or piece of jewelry should never be a hassle.  Let’s say you’re in the market for an engagement ring and you know what ring style she wants.  Don’t waste time, money, or energy going from store to store in search of the perfect ring.

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Wholesale jewelry and diamond sellers (like ourselves, cough cough) can create a one-of-a-kind, custom designed engagement rings.  We walk our customers through each step, from selecting the perfect loose diamond to approving the final design. By the way, we have the largest inventory of loose diamonds in Texas. THAT’s a lot of diamonds. There’s no limit on what our in house, expert design team can create.

Three Major Factors to Be Aware of When Purchasing Jewelry  

Here’s a little secret in the jewelry industry: You’ll never have all three of the factors below (Sorry).

1) Brand Name

2) Price

3) Quality

For example, say that you walk into the mall and pick any old jewelry store. Imagine it’s the one that helps you remember how to spell one of the easiest words on the planet. You may be able to purchase a product with name recognition and a decent price, but the quality simply won’t be there.

Next, you try the famous blue box store. When you purchase their products, you will get the brand name and great quality, but your bank account is going to get gut-punched. Ouch.

Enter Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers. With us, you will get an incredible price and unbelievable GIA certified quality, AND you don’t have to pay extra for the name. We will keep more numbers in your bank account, and your future wife gets some serious, quality bling. That lack of buyer’s remorse is the power of wholesale jewelry!

The other perk of buying jewelry or GIA certified diamonds from Jonathan’s? We take time to meet individually with every customer in a private setting. The purchases made in our store are life changing, and we treat the buying process with the respect it deserves. Customers are served by appointment only, and we’ll take all the time needed to find the perfect wholesale jewelry item for you.


If you want to experience the wholesale difference, make your appointment today to speak with one of our wholesale jewelry and diamond experts.

We would love to add you to our customer family. Also, be sure to check out what we are up to on our Facebook page and Instagram accounts!

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