Wholesale Diamonds: Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less?


I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for, most of the time. I am also a firm believer that if you can find the exact same thing for less, why would you pay more? It reminds me of that commercial, where the announcer asks you if you are offered a scoop of ice cream that costs $1.50 and the exact same scoop of ice scream, but it costs you .75 which ice cream are you going to buy?

It’s obvious! You are going to buy the .75 ice scream cone every day, because you can save money.  It’s the same ice cream.  It’s just less.  It makes economic sense to buy the less expensive ice cream. Just like our jewelry and diamonds.  We have the same diamonds and jewelry as the retailer that you bought your diamond stud earrings or the eternity band your wife has, just less, so why would you go and pay more somewhere else when you can come here and pay less?

The Cost of Doing Business

Did you know that most jewelry has a markup that can exceed 200 and sometimes 300 percent when you buy it from a retailer? I kid you not.  Think of the reasons why.  A retailer has to cover their overhead, their employees, their insurance and the cost of the goods that they are selling to you.  And, they still want to make a profit.  They also have to pay for marketing and have to think about seasonal merchandising and traveling to go to markets to go and shop.

And, do you know what, when they are selling a diamond to you, they generally memo them from someone like me.  Now, you are probably wondering why I can trade in loose diamonds for so much less, after all, I still have a place of business.  I do.  But, I don’t have a deep jewelry and watch inventory, which cuts down on my buying expenses.  My overhead is not what most retailers are, because we are in an office building and our hours are different.  Our entire operation is different than a retail outlet.

Diamonds and Jewelry: Wholesale Vs. Retail

I wouldn’t call us wholesalers or retails of diamonds and jewelry.  What we do is give you a specialized service in an intimate and private surrounding that offers you an opportunity to buy diamonds and jewelry that you normally have to pay a fortune for at just above a wholesale price.  For instance, we can sell you the same diamond you can find at a retailer for about 150 – 200% less and about 50 – 75% less than an e-commerce site.

If you compare ‘apples to apples’ our merchandise will ALWAYS be less expensive than the other guys.  Now, if you go to another wholesaler, I can’t guarantee they won’t try to undercut us, because in the wholesale world, it’s pretty cut throat around!  But, I can guarantee that you won’t be able to find a 1 ct. G color VS1 round brilliant diamond for less at a retail or e-commerce site than you can from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers.

Watches and Estate Jewelry

One thing that we don’t do is tell you all of our secrets.  For instance, we won’t tell you how we can magically get you any watch you want below retail with a full warranty that is brand new in the box.  We also won’t tell you how we can get you vintage watches and gently worn watches if you prefer that at a deeply discounted price.  And, once again, you won’t be able to find them less anywhere.

When you think estate jewelry, you must realize that it means that someone else has owned it.  Just like if you went to an auction and bid on a piece of jewelry that someone else has owned, this is the same thing.  This is a piece of someone’s history, and what makes it so great is that the history is carried through to you and then you make your own history to pass down to someone else.  And, these are some pretty spectacular pieces that are unique and one of a kind.

What’s The Point Of This?

The point is this….

We all need to save where we can, but why should you deprive yourself of beautiful things when you don’t have to? With Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers you don’t have to deprive yourself because we have made it affordable.  I don’t know about you, but I always bought the ice cream that cost .75 because it tasted just like the more expensive ice cream and I could get a gumball too.

Imagine being able to afford not only a pair of diamond stud earrings, but maybe a little pendant too?   Call us… 713-977-9885, seriously.  What would you be waiting for?

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