Destination WeddingBudget can be such a nasty word can’t it? I talked about budget and how important it is when buying a diamond or an engagement ring, and that is just for the ABC’s of buying a diamond buying, but what about when it comes to wedding planning and where the wedding is going to be?  What happens when the bride has dreams of the fantasy wedding with doves and groves of lilies but the budget just isn’t there to foot the bill? More importantly, who pays for what these days?

It used to be, back in the days when I got married, that the man bought the engagement ring and paid for the rehearsal dinner and also bought the wedding band for his future wife.  The bride bought the wedding band for her future husband and paid for everything else.  Yup.  The whole kit and caboodle.  That can be a lot of caboodle these days.  And, I have to admit that when I was getting married, I never even thought about it, not even for a second.

Well, now I am a father.  Of a daughter.  And I think about it. I am scared about it. I have to sell a LOT of diamonds in order to pay for a wedding.  That doesn’t even count the cost of the dress, an engagement party, all the rest of clothes the bride needs, a room for the kids for the first night before they go on their honeymoon, photographers and videographers, music, food, decorations, flowers, transportation…UGH!

Who Pays For a Wedding?

Are you wondering why I am even thinking about this? My daughter is just finishing up her freshman year in college after all, well, that’s because this blog is my place to share these things and the trend that I am noticing from my customers is that these big fanciful fairy tale weddings that the parents are paying for seem to be out and the small intimate destination weddings that the couple is paying for are in.

Why a Destination Wedding?

I am not an expert, so let’s get that straight right off the bat, but I do ask a lot of questions, so I think I have a pretty good idea of the “wedding climate”, so to speak.  A couple picks a destination that means something to them.  It’s a way to make the wedding special and intimate and keep it small.  Now, there are negatives to the destination wedding.

For instance, you won’t have as many guests show up.  It costs more for each person to get there.  They have travel expenses, so you better just invite those that will appreciate getting that invite, otherwise you will be hearing about how selfish you are asking people to go to you and spend the money! Also, your weekend will never be the perfect weekend for everyone; so inevitably, someone will end up with his or her feelings hurt or angry for not checking in with them before picking your date.

But, if you pick a destination that’s tropical, you honeymoon and wed in one and your guests get a bonus mini vacation out of it and the ease of planning is all done by the hotel you choose to have the wedding in and you have the beautiful surroundings as the décor.  Most importantly, you will have a wedding that you planned together to start your lives together in a place that mean something to both of you that you paid for together.

I don’t know about you, but seems to me that’s the best part of all.

If any of you had a destination wedding or paid for your wedding, tell me about it in the comments!

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