Where's Jonathan's Fine Jewelers Houston

Let’s play a game. We are calling it ‘Where’s Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers?’ You see, we are in what is essentially a diamond building on Richmond Avenue in Houston, Texas. More specifically, 6222 Richmond Avenue on the 4th floor. But, we know that getting to our building can be confusing, and when you walk in….very confusing!

You might ask why would it be confusing? Because you are walking into a building that has multiple floors of diamond wholesalers, watch resellers and buyers, and many other places that sell jewelry and do custom work at wholesale prices. We want to be sure you not only visit Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers when you come, but that you understand where Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers is, so you won’t end up in the wrong place. Yes, this has happened before.

6222 Richmond Avenue – The Building

6222 Richmond Avenue is located on Richmond Avenue between Greenridge Street and Hillcroft Avenue. We are on the North side of the street. The building has covered parking located in the back of the building. There are 8 floors, an elevator, public restrooms on each floor, and very good security.

What You Need When You Visit

Bring your ID, because you will need to show it to the front desk security guard when you walk in.

Directions to the Building

If you are coming from the North side of town, we suggest taking 45 South to 59 South and exit Fountain View. Take a right on Fountain View to Richmond and take a left. Just past Greenridge, we will be on the right.

If you are coming from the south, whether you are on 288 North, 45 North, or 90 North, take 610 West to 610 North and 59 South. Exit Fountain View and follow the same directions as above.

If you are coming from the West, you can hop on 59 North, I10 North or take a toll road around to 59 North, exit Fountain View and take a left under the freeway. Then follow the same directions as above.

If you are coming from the East, take 610 around or 59 South to the Fountain View Exit, and follow the same directions as above.

Where’s Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers?

You made it to the security desk and have showed your ID. Great job! To the left there are a bank of three elevators. Push the up button and wait for the elevator. Go to the 4th Floor. When you exit the elevators, we are located at the end of the hallway to the left. You can’t miss the Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers on the glass door to our showroom, and the suite number is 435.

Once you have made it to our door, press the buzzer outside the door on the left-hand side and when you hear the buzzer sound, open the door, and immerse yourself in the sparkles that await from our showcases.

Patience is a Virtue

We know that making an appointment can be a hassle, but not with Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers. You can contact us here or call the main line at (713)-977-9885. Here is what’s so great about when you walk into our showroom. EVERY single person that works at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers in Houston can see you! This means that if you have an appointment with Sergio, he will see you when you walk in, and come get you. This works with Jay, Keifer, and John as well.

If the person you have an appointment with is with another customer, browse the showcases or have a seat in one of our chairs and we will be with you shortly.

If you don’t have an appointment but walk in, which is fine, you MIGHT have to wait for someone to become available to help you. This is where patience is a virtue.

What About Jonathan’s Watch Buyer?

Jonathan’s Watch Buyer is next door to Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers and you can enter through the main hall, which would be on your right – just before you get to the main door – or you can walk through our showroom to get to the watch showroom.

Why Find Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers is the premier diamond wholesaler, custom jewelry maker, reseller of luxury watches and fine jewelry, seller of wholesale premade diamond jewelry, and the most knowledgeable of all other diamond dealers in Houston.

We also offer the highest pricing when it comes to purchasing your gold, diamonds, luxury watches, coin collections, and more.

Don’t wait and make your appointment today to see where Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers is and for all your wholesale jewelry and watch needs.

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