We all want upward mobility in our lives. Whether it’s our cars, jobs, or where we live; we generally want to upgrade throughout the years. What we have found in the jewelry business is that an upgrade to something as sentimental as a wedding ring is a very personal decision that doesn’t necessarily have a “right” time.

If you are wondering if you should opt for an upgrade, the easy answer is to just ask! You’ll find out pretty quickly if your wife is content with her original ring, or if she wants a different style (or a bigger rock). However, if you would rather not take the direct approach and are possibly looking to surprise her, we have a few common reasons for upgrading her wedding ring:

Your pockets are deeper than they used to be

For a lot of couples, the beginning of their marriage was well…leaner times. We have found that many of our customers have moved up enough in their careers or have progressed in business to the point that they have the means for a substantial ring upgrade. Rather than looking for a complete overhaul, a larger or higher quality diamond than her original could be a way to show your appreciation for her dealing with the long hours and stress that it takes to climb to the top.

A milestone is approaching

A major anniversary like your 10th, 20th or 25th are definitely a reason to celebrate. It’s common to see an upgrade at an anniversary from 1/2 carat rings to as much as a 3 carat ring or more!

Her tastes have changed

Like anything else, the engagement ring industry has styles that ebb and flow in popularity over the years. If she thinks her ring has an “outdated” look that bothers her, she may want to change to something more in line with the current trends. Approach this with caution. You never want to start with “Do you think your ring looks old?”. Just…trust us.

Chances are, even if the original ring you gave your wife wasn’t exactly her dream ring – she probably still loves it because YOU gave it to her. Engagement rings are as much about the relationship and memories as they are about the look. If you do decide to go with an upgrade, there is a good chance that she will want to keep the original or use a diamond with a similar cut (but larger).

If you purchased your diamond from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, we will give you a credit for the original purchase price of the diamond towards your upgraded stone. Just make sure to let us know the original date of purchase or your receipt and we will do the rest!

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