Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in our female clientele here at Jonathan’s.   They aren’t shopping for the men in their lives, nor do they want dainty jewelry for themselves. These women want Rolex watches, and they aren’t settling for lady’s styles.

Not that there’s anything wrong with women’s Rolex styles- but they do tend to be smaller, more delicate and often less valuable to collectors- making them less of an investment compared to Rolex styles for men.

It’s no surprise that women are drawn to the bold, crisp, larger faced watches only once worn by men. From blazers to button-down, collared white shirts and boyfriend jeans- female styles have been taking on a menswear edge for some time.

We love seeing the 40mm case Rolex watch on a women, whether  its worn alone or stacked with other jewelry.  Either way makes a statement, but there’s an art form to the stack we’ll cover in a bit.

Let’s look at a few different trending styles from the ladies and their Rolex watches.



We all know a timeless and well crafted Rolex needs no other accessory to make a powerful statement.  In fact, less is often more when it comes to women’s accessories.  Here we see Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron sporting a lone Rolex Submariner.  AND she gets bonus points for being spotted game side.



We love to see Rolex and gold bangles together on a woman’s wrist.  There’s hardly any other combo that stacks up- pun intended.  A traditional gold bangle (or bangles) will always represent timeless charm and class.

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Jennifer Aniston pairs her Rolex Presidential with a pair of gold bangles.



Not only does a chain link bracelet provide sculptural interest to any Rolex watch, they’re perfect for making an extra bold statement for the office.  Remember the white button-down collared shirt we mentioned earlier? Yeah- this stack would set it off.

The pearl bracelet seen below finishes the Datejust stack and adds a classic, feminine touch.



We love this look because it’s equally bold and beautiful at the same time.  The tennis bracelet has a cool history that actually includes the game of tennis, although never intended for sportswear.

It was originally coined ‘eternity bracelet,’  but after tennis champ Chris Evert lost hers during a 1987 U.S. open match and paused the game until it was found- they’ve been called tennis bracelets since.

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The two-toned Datejust and tennis bracelet combo offer a simple, clean look that can easily be dressed up or down.



The larger watch face trend on a slender wrist isn’t going anywhere.  Ladies love the Datejust, Submariner and Daytona just as much as us guys and we can’t blame them.

Ladies- visit us if you want your own 40mm Rolex! We have plenty of bracelet options for stacking as well.


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