On the big day you have the perfect dress, the perfect hair, the perfect nails and the flowers are just right, but have you thought about your wedding day jewelry?

Wedding day jewelry is like the icing on the proverbial cake.  It is the finishing touches that make the dress sparkle and you shine.  But, we know that you have already spent money on the engagement ring, the wedding band, the wedding dress and shoes, not to mention the wedding itself, so you certainly don’t want to spend a fortune on your wedding day jewelry, and I have the answer for you for that!

Wedding Day Jewelry the Estate Way

Imagine if you could bling it up around your neck with real rockin’ diamonds for your wedding day? For instance, this 4.96CT Emerald Cut & Pave Diamond Detachable Pendant Necklace in 18K White Gold is like a two for one, because the pendant can be worn on other chains and the diamond chain can be worn beautifully by itself, the cost is so worth it! This gorgeous necklace goes for around $10,000.

Wedding Day Jewelry

Now, if you prefer something that is a bit more feminine and flirty, you can go for something that is a winding vine of diamonds that lays just around the collar bone.  This beautiful fancy 9.83CTS round brilliant cut diamond necklace in platinum is set in a scalloped pattern and as petite as it is, it packs a punch with the amount of wattage and carats that it has!  But, it will just add to the brightness of your smile that day and not detract at all from your natural glow.  Cost around $11,000.

Diamond Necklace

If you just want a tiny amount of bling around your neck that just adds to the sparkle, for instance, you aren’t the type that wants a choker with diamonds surrounding your neck or a pendant person, then consider just a small Oval Cut and Diamond Accented Platinum Hand Engraved Pendant.  And, at about $2,700 it’s the perfect price for this little gem.

Diamond Necklace

For the ears you can go long waterfalls of diamonds, which can cascade off your ears, such as these Jaw-Dropping 5.23 Carat Diamond Waterfall Earrings in 18K White Gold for about $6,000.

Wedding Day Jewelry

Or you can go for some classic and Stunning Antique Reproduction 0.77CTS Diamond & 18K White Gold Earrings that will cost you around $1,5o0.

Diamond Button Earrings

And, for those that like to swing from the chandeliers, we have the diamond chandelier earrings which make the perfect wedding day jewelry for a mere $4,700.

Diamond Wedding Day Jewelry

My preference is a bare wrist when it comes to wedding day jewelry, but if you do want to dress it up, consider this Gorgeous Free-Form Tennis Bracelet in 18K Yellow Gold.  $9,000.

Estate Wedding Day jewelry

No matter which way you choose to go, if you purchase estate jewelry as your wedding day jewelry, your story tells a story and think of the story you can then tell your kids.

*All of the above jewelry is available for purchase from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers Ebay Store, where all our estate jewelry and used fine watches are sold.

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