[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There is never a bad time of year to deck yourself out with your estate jewelry, but this time of year is an especially great time of year to pull out your statement pieces of jewelry that are estate and take them out on the town.  I love to buy estate pieces, but unless you have a need or want to sell them, I am a firm believer in keeping them and wearing them and enjoying them.

Tips on Wearing Your Estate Jewelry

  1. Before you put it on, take out a cleaning cloth and shine it up. Don’t put it in a cleaning solution or an ultrasonic cleaner though! Estate jewelry is delicate, and just needs a good swipe!
  2. Matching isn’t necessary. Don’t worry if your earrings are emeralds and your rings are sapphires. Have fun with a few bangles that are faux with some real chandelier diamond earrings.
  3. Accessories make the outfit.  People will not remember what you were wearing but they will remember your jewelry, so make it count!
  4. Every piece of jewelry tells a story, let your jewelry tell its story every time you wear it.
  5. Keep a journal of where you got each piece of your estate jewelry. Start with the date and a description of the piece and how you obtained it. This is a great tool for not only yourself, but to hand down to your children one day with the jewelry and to tell the jewelry’s history and story.
  6. Estate jewelry should be respected and taken care of. Be sure to take care of yours and keep it in a safe place. Before you put it on, make sure all the clasps are working well!
  7. Wearing your estate jewelry does not lower its value, so please don’t just keep it locked in a safe!
  8. If you need to have a repair made on your estate jewelry, be sure to take it to a jeweler or antique dealer that knows what they are doing. If a repair is done wrong, that WILL lower the value of your piece.
  9. Be sure your estate jewelry is appraised and insured the same as your new jewelry.  Remember, your estate jewelry is irreplaceable and your new jewelry is replaceable.
  10. Enjoy it and wear it in good health.


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