Service and product subscriptions are a hugely popular option for most industries, but what about a watch subscription?

Are they worth the investment or a waste of money? It truly depends on several factors, including:

  • brand loyalty
  • desired quality
  • budget
  • long term goals

We’ll dive deeper into those aspects and review today’s top watch subscription service options, but first– what is a watch subscription?

What is a Watch Subscription?

Pay a fee and have a new watch delivered straight to your door each month (or every few months). That’s the watch subscription concept.

Depending on the subscription, you either buy or ‘rent’ the watch for a predetermined amount of time. Most companies allow you to eventually purchase the watch at a discount.

Subscription Services Explained

Most subscription services provide a product or a service for a standard monthly fee. Lots of industries have capitalized on the subscription concept.

For example, Stitch Fix was one of the first clothing subscription services. Customers complete a quiz about style preference and budget, and receive a curated box of new garments on a monthly basis.

Food subscription boxes save time and effort with weekly ingredients shipped right to your door. Even car washing services, pet products, and shaving needs are delivered via subscription these days.

Pros/Cons of Watch Subscriptions

Trying to decide if a watch sub would is worth it? Consider these pros and cons before signing up.


  • Great for beginner watch collectors. Watch subscriptions make sampling different styles and brands easy and affordable.
  • Offers stress free shopping. Avoid the hassle of shopping retail.
  • Great for special occasions. Sometimes an event or occasion calls for something above our regular arsenal.
  • Low Commitment Level. If you have no interest in an investment timepiece of your own, watch subs are perfect. Also, most subscriptions allow you to cancel anytime.


  • Seasoned watch collectors– save your money. A subscription won’t benefit anyone with an already sizable personal collection. Also watch collectors tend to be brand loyal so a random watch each month isn’t ideal (unless you’re a Breitling fan).
  • Less personalized shopping experience. Although you complete a survey for style preferences, you may benefit more from speaking with a professional watch retailer. Often they can answer questions, provide suggestions or alternatives, and perfectly tailor to your needs.
  • Not ideal for long term watch investments. Some watches make valuable investment pieces. Vintage watch prices have skyrocketed over the last several years. For some, investing in a single watch can pay off dividends longterm.
    * note: some subscription brands give users the option to purchase the watch after subscription period ends.

Top 3 Watch Subscription Options for 2021

There are several options out there, but these are the top rated brands worth looking into:

  • Watch Gang
  • Eleven James
  • Breitling Select

Watch Gang

watch subscription option: Breitling

Watch Gang is an affordable option, and you get to keep each watch. Users pay a monthly fee and sample different lower cost watch brands.

There are multiple subscription levels depending on budget, watch quality, and brand. The higher tier subscription means a more established, higher quality watch options.

And every Friday members have a chance to win a Rolex or TAG Heuer watch.

Watch Gang Monthly Cost: $29 for standard, $99 for Black, and $275 for Platinum level

Learn more about Watch Gang here.

Eleven James

image via Eleven James Instagram

This is a more prestigious watch subscription option featuring luxury brands like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and Patek Philippe.

Customers pay a monthly fee to reserve their selected watch, then keep it for three months. After the three month period ends, users can choose another watch or negotiate to buy the current watch instead.

Users can also make extra cash on the Eleven James platform by consigning their own luxury watch for a percentage of the subscription fee.

Eleven James Monthly Cost: $150-$1000

Check out Eleven James here.


This particular watch subscription service is solely for Breitling fans. #BreitlingSelect launched its innovative subscription model online earlier this year, with plans to expand to global retailers soon.

With their model, users are allowed to choose three different refurbished timepieces within a one year contract agreement.

Customers keep each watch for at least one month, and a maximum of six months, and one at a time.

Clients have the option to purchase one of the refurbished watches they’ve tried at a discount.

#BreitlingSelect Monthly Cost:  $450 initially, plus $129 per month, for a total of $1,998 per year

Check out #BreitlingSelect here.

Final Thoughts on Watch Subscriptions

We see the benefit in luxury watch subscriptions. Clients are able to sample different brands with little commitment, which is great for new collectors unsure of preferences.

Would you ever try a watch subscription service?

If you are interested in purchasing your own luxury watch, give us a call. Check out our Facebook page for box openings and watch reviews by our in-house watch expert Sergio Nuncio!

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