Vintage Tiffany & CompanyI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Tiffany & Company.  I don’t just love it to buy, I love it to look at it and I love it to sell.  I think the quality and the craftsmanship of the pieces is spectacular.  Now, I’m not talking about the sterling silver Tiffany & Company that you find today on their website, not that that jewelry isn’t cute, I’m talking about vintage Tiffany & Company.

When you run across a “true” vintage Tiffany & Company piece in your jewelry buying business it is rare.  Especially one that can be worn by all women and worn on a daily basis.  One that isn’t dripping in diamonds and can only be pulled out for special occasions.  I am talking about a vintage Tiffany & Company piece that is truly one of a kind.

Vintage Tiffany & Company Amethyst Bracelet

Vintage Tiffany & CompanyAn older woman came into my office and she had a bag full of jewelry.  All of it vintage, but one very special blue box was pulled out.  When she opened it there was a lovely amethyst and gold link bracelet inside.

The box is an original vintage Tiffany & Company box.  The original box!! Even the box is beautiful.

The bracelet has round links with kite shaped amethysts that are bezel set between the links.  The patina on the gold is phenomenal, which gives this piece just what it needs in terms of vintage.

These amethysts are gorgeous.  It does not appear as if there has been any fading of the stones, and the color is fairly uniform and there are no chips or cracks on the stones.  They measure about 7 mm – 12 mm and there are 5 total.

The gold is 14 kt. and weighs 12.03 grams and is about 6.75” in length, so it is made for a smaller wrist.

Wouldn’t You Love This?

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