Gold watches are making a big comeback.  Pair that with a limited edition, vintage model and you have one highly sought-after watch.  Original early pieces like this Rolex Submariner Date 1680/8 are getting the attention of collectors worldwide.

What makes the Submariner Date 1680/8 so appealing?

The elegance of this Rolex is undeniable. This 1680/8 model is the first Rolex Submariner Date to be offered in yellow gold alongside the brands’ stainless-steel models, taking sportswear to a new level.

Sometimes referred to as a tropical dial, the Submariner Date 1680/8 was produced with a spectacular blue dial and blue bezel combination, along with the matte black dial and black bezel configuration.

The power and prestige of the Rolex is seen in this Submariner Date and it can’t help but make a statement.

Submariner History

Revealed first at the Swiss Watch fair in 1954, The Submariner is one of the most popular models ever produced by Rolex.  It was originally designed for scuba diving with a high resistance to water.

Later in the late 1960s, the Submariner Date 1680 was revealed, marking a significant era in Submariner history. The 1680 model was the first Submariner to showcase the date function at 3 o’clock, an extremely important feature making the watch suitable for both sport and office.

What makes this particular 1680/8 model unique is the color changes that have occurred over time in some of the blue dials. The pigment has been seen in several shades, from a rich purple to navy blue and in some cases a brown hue (better known as the Tropical), intriguing many collectors.

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Iconic Dial and Vintage Charm

The 1680/8 sports a “nipple” dial, after the specific shape of the indexes that can be found in the non-stainless-steel Submariners of this period.

As with most early 1680 watches, the dial has depth markings with meters first, while later watches showcase feet first.

The Submariner 1680/8 saw two dial variations, both still revered today. Rolex experimented with matte black dials and gold lettering as well as blue and gold lettering. Other features include an automatic movement, waterproof, screw-down crown, rotatable diver’s bezel.

The winding crown is the usual Submariner 7mm triplock crown, but in elegant yellow gold. The Plexiglas crystal has the famous “cyclop” magnifying lens, giving it a lot of character and vintage charm.

Technical Specs


18k yellow gold


7mm, triplock winding crown


40 mm


18K yellow gold


Screw-down crown, rotatable diver style


Cyclops lens affixed to Plexiglas crystal


Originally 200m


Hand-tuned, self-winding




Self-winding via Perpetual rotor


Oyster, 18K yellow gold with diver extension


Folding lock with Rolex crown


Black or blue, with gold text and “nipple” index. Elongated minute markers and solid yellow gold Rolex logo.

Final thoughts on the Rolex Submariner 1680/8

If you love iconic, limited Rolex vintage pieces, the Submariner 1680/8 will not disappoint. This watch will be a showstopper with casual wear, dressed up for the office, or for a formal evening out.

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