Top 3 Engagement Ring Designs in Houston

 As the premier jewelers in Houston, TX, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has sold hundreds of thousands of engagement rings over the past twenty years.

In preparation for the wedding season just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to highlight the top three engagement ring designs most requested by our customers in Houston.

1. The Solitaire

The “classic” engagement ring. There is nothing more classic than a single beautiful diamond. No matter what the designer trends are, this is still the top most requested engagement ring style.

2. The Halo

This antique inspired design is a single diamond of any shape, surrounded by smaller diamonds that produce a diamond halo around the center stone. This feminine ring has become one of the most desired engagement ring styles over the past decade- with various that include double and triple diamond halos.

3. The Pave Setting

Inspired by the cobblestone streets in Europe, the pave setting refers to how the additional diamonds are set onto the ring band. The center stone remains the focal point, while additional diamonds are set tightly together to produce the effect of a pave (of cobblestone) road. In the past ten years, this style has become more and more popular. This is our third most requested engagement ring style.

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