Top Three Bridesmaids Gifts in Houston

Recently I was asked to give my recommendation on some unique bridal gifts for a friend’s bridal party.  While helping her sort through many options, I got to thinking about the most popular items we have sold over the past twenty years.

While our specialty has always been the engagement ring and wedding bands, we have also sold hundreds of bridal gift to many brides. If you are looking for some ideas, here are our top three recommendations:

The Necklace


The necklace is the classic bridal gift. Worn on the day of the wedding, necklaces help to unify the bridesmaids’ look.  The first step when selecting the perfect necklace is to use the bridesmaid dress as inspiration. If the dress is flashy, maybe a simple necklace to balance it out (and vice versa).



A beautiful pair of earrings is always a good choice. Similar to the necklace, the style of the bridesmaids’ dress will determine the best look for the earrings. For a classic look, pearl studs might be a nice option. Looking for something more dramatic, maybe a dangling gemstone.

The Bracelet


The bracelet has become more popular over the past ten years. Often customized with the initials or name of the bridesmaid, the bracelet can make for a wonderful keepsake and a fantastic gift for anyone.


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