Engagement season is almost here- yes, that’s actually a thing.  More proposals happen from late November through February than any other time of year in the US.  Magical holiday celebrations, cozying up by the fire, and fresh beginnings for a New Year? It’s a clear choice.

We love working with customers to design and create the perfect engagement ring.  If you can dream it, we can make it and we’ve seen all the trends come through our store.  We wanted to share our favorite engagement ring trends, just in case there’s someone out there who’s planning to ‘ring’ in 2019 the right way.




Vintage inspired

It’s hard to go wrong with a vintage ring- whether it was actually passed down from your great-great-grandmother OR is just vintage inspired.  These rings tend to feature unique designs and intricate details.  If your bride is into timeless, elegant pieces- a vintage style will be perfect.

Earlier this year, Prince Harry proposed with a custom ring that featured vintage diamonds from his mother’s brooch.

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East-West setting

Think of it as fresh perspective.  Traditional stones like pear, oval, marquise, and emerald cuts are set horizontally verses a traditional diagonal look.  This slight shift in direction to an otherwise classic ring gives an entirely updated and modern feel.

Oval cut diamonds

Once just an afterthought, oval cut diamonds are getting lots of ring action lately. We’ve seen them on several celebrity engagement rings as well.

The oval cut provides a pleasing aesthetic and its elongated shape makes any finger seem more slender.


Colored gemstones

More and more people are moving away from tradition, and the diamond may no longer be a girl’s best friend. We’ve seen many more requests for other colored gemstones- from emeralds and sapphires to aquamarine stones.

This is the perfect pick for anyone that wants to stand out from the crowd.  Usually these are less expensive than their diamond counterparts as well.


Petite bands

Thinner bands have been getting press for awhile.  On engagement rings, the smaller band perfectly highlights any size stone.  We’ve seen several celebrities trade in their lavish engagement rings for just a solo, petite band.  Either way- it makes a simple, yet signifiant statement that less CAN be more.

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Three stone styles

Thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the three stone engagement ring trend won’t be going away any time soon. Usually this setting features a larger center diamond flanked by a smaller diamond on each side, but can be mixed and matched a multitude of ways.

The three stones are said to represent a couples past, present, and future and is best for those with a more traditional taste.

Ethically sourced stones

Ok- Prince Harry and Meghan really set the tone this year.  Making the list for a third time with an engagement ring trend we’re sure to see more and more of.  Consumers are demanding transparency in the sourcing of food, clothing, and home goods.  Jewelry and other luxury accessories are being closely examined as well.

Socially conscious buyers want stones that are not only conflict free, but also mined in a way that supports safe labor, minimizes environmental damage, and supports community development.


Stackable bands

The traditional engagement ring and wedding band set got an upgrade this year.  You’ve seen stackable bracelets right?

Many a bride-to-be are choosing multiple, daintier bands of varying styles to mix and match for an ultra unique presentation.  The look is held together by choosing a cohesive metal throughout.


Open style bands

This style is must have if you’re going the stackable band route, but it looks gorgeous on its own as well.  Customization is endless between the size, shapes, bands, and gemstone options.

Out of the box thinkers love this engagement ring trend, as do we.


Custom made

We probably shouldn’t even consider this an engagement ring trend because it will be forever in high demand, but we couldn’t leave it off our list.  Custom made engagement rings are a must have for a thoughtful and perfectly executed proposal. Who wants a generic ring that thousands of others are likely to own? NO ONE.



 Schedule an appointment with one of our custom design experts and create the ring of her dreams on any budget.  Start by selecting a loose diamond from the largest inventory in Texas and we’ll take it from there.



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