That was the consensus between the all of the guys at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers when we first saw a Titan Black watch. If you are in to fine watches that set you apart from the crowd, a Titan Black customization is exactly what you need.

Honestly, we’ve seen just about every form of fine watch customization. There are certainly a lot of great companies out there that specialize in custom jobs, but Titan Black is different. Their process is unique, the materials are killer, and the level of detail is right in line with what we expect of our own products.

Titan Black is literally incredible.


While Titan Black does work with other fine watch brands, they utilize Rolex watches as the main canvas for their work. Titan makes it very clear that they are not trying to improve on the Rolex design, but they want to make your Rolex stand out.

100% Custom

This is what we love about Titan Black: they trick out watches from the ground up. Every aspect of their process is done with a level of precision that matches any swiss watchmaker you’ve ever heard of, but gives watches a look that you’ve never seen. Titan can change the dial, sub-dial, bezel, body, hands…everything. Their customizations let you have the quality and overall style of a Rolex with the uniqueness that you’ve always deserved.

Space-Age Materials

Ever heard of DLC (diamond like carbon)? Probably not, but it shouldn’t surprise you. DLC is essentially carbon in the form of plasma that is applied to the Titan Black designs. It’s a military grade (and sweet looking) material that’s also used in aerospace, the auto industry, and many others. DLC is a major part of what sets Titan Black’s work and quality ahead of all of their competition.


When we talked to the geniuses behind their designs and applications, we noticed one striking trend: they consider their work a form of art. Titan isn’t just slapping DLC on watches and calling it a day. They are meticulously taking the watches apart and hand crafting every aspect involved in their design. Do you want hand painted skulls on the dial? Check. An epic blue marlin to show off to your fishing buddies? Check. Maybe you just want your Rolex completely blacked out with crisp white highlights on the dial, bezel, and hands. Check.

So how do you get your own Titan Black watch?

Fortunately for you this is the easy part. Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers will help you find the watch of your dreams, and then work directly with Titan Black to get your custom job completed. Just make sure you bring your imagination when you schedule an appointment with Sergio Nuncio (our in-house watch guru).

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