There is nothing more exciting than being engaged, that is until the stress of planning the wedding sets in. We see so many couples who get bogged down in the wedding stress that the thrill of being engaged starts to tarnish and sometimes quickly.  By the time the couple comes in to fit the wedding bands they are sometimes ready to not only throw in the towel, but they aren’t very nice anymore either.

We are marriage makers, and we have compiled our own list of things that ever engaged couple needs to know while they are planning for the big day.  This list will not only make the wedding planning easier and smoother, it will help ease the stress that the bride feels and take some of the stress off of the groom, making for a much better transition from engagement to marriage, because in the end, the wedding is just a stop on the way to the marriage.

8 Things Every Engaged Couple Needs to Know

1. Make decisions as a couple.

It’s his day too.  As much as you might have been dreaming about your princess wedding since you were a little girl, your man probably has his ideas as to what he wants as well.  Remember, being a couple is all about compromise and communication.  This is a great time to start to practice!

2. Make a list!

Before you get carried away with what you are finding in magazines, Pinterest and blogs make a list with your man about what makes your relationship unique.  You want to create a day that is meaningful to your relationship and each other.  Then start to search for ideas that represent you and your fiancé.  We promise you will find plenty of inspiration that will be in line with your personal list.

3. Set aside time for wedding talk

A wedding can take over your life if you let it.  Don’t let being engaged consume your and your fiancés time together, so make a pledge to only discuss the wedding planning at a certain time each week.  Spend the rest of the time nurturing your relationship and building a strong foundation for your marriage to come.

4. Stick with YOUR goals…not theirs

You are going to get a lot of input from lots of different people about what you should do for your wedding.  Remember the list that you’re man made? Just listen to what people have to say, no matter how irritating it can be, nod and smile, then stick to your list and do what you want!

5. Go with your gut

You can drive yourself crazy researching all the different options out there while you are planning your wedding looking for the best deal.  If you feel good about your decision, then go with your gut instinct and don’t look back.  It will keep you sane and on track.

6. Be ready to walk away (from vendors)

On the other hand, if you are looking at vendors that aren’t giving you what you want, walk away! You aren’t obligated to hire anyone until you get exactly what you are looking for when it comes to your vision and price and guarantee that they can deliver what they promise.

7. Kindness goes a long way…

You’ve heard the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…?” If you are yelling and screaming at the vendors or the wedding planner, don’t expect to get good service.  You will get served, but it won’t be what you were expecting, which will only cause more frustration from you and more yelling. You notice the endless circle of negativity here? Everyone is busy and you aren’t the vendor’s only client, so a little niceness goes a long way and a thank you means a lot when a vendor is having an especially trying day.

8. Buildup = Pressure = Explosion

This time of being engaged should not be about that.  Instead of putting all this pressure on yourself and your soon to be spouse to have the perfect day, focus on how you can have a wonderful life pre-marriage and post-wedding, because that is really when it is going to count!

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