Downton Abbey and Tiffany’s Legacy Engagement Ring

[dt_fancy_image style=”1″ border=”0″ lightbox=”false” animation=”none” align=”right” width=”275″ media=”” image_alt=”” hd_image=”http://jfjco.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Tiffany_Legacy_Ring_Solo.jpg” image=”http://jfjco.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Tiffany_Legacy_Ring_Solo.jpg”][/dt_fancy_image]The Tiffany Legacy engagement ring is a throw back to a different time, and maybe that is why it is so loved. What sets this engagement ring apart from other popular designs, is it’s Edwardian inspired designed. An asscher cut (often referred to antique cut) diamond is set in a tight halo of beads and micro pave diamonds, elevated from the band on a unique “v” shaped pedestal. This ring is the definition of class and femininity, and was the inspiration behind my dive into learning more about the jewelry of this period.


What is the Edwardian Period?

The Edwardian Period marks the time that King Edward VII ruled Britain from 1901-1912. With the death of Queen Victoria marking an end to the Victorian Era, the Edwardian Period was a time of prosperity with London leading the way as the financial capital of the world.


The Style & Jewelry

This was a time of big beautiful hats, tight corsets, and the hourglass silhouette that tapered in at your waits, flowered out at your hips, and tapered back in at the calves. Think the fashion from the movie the Titanic, or from the critically acclaimed Downton Abbey.

The jewelry of this period expressed the great prosperity of the time. As with most generation, jewelry signified wealth, but none did it as well as this period. Cocktail rings were designed to impress, and engagement rings were designed to drop your jaw. (An examples of one of our estate jewelry pieces from this period below)


It is no wonder that this period would inspire the designers at Tiffany’s & Co. to create a ring that would stun just as the jewelry of that time did. The Tiffany’s Legacy is a romantic reminder of a period of opulence, wealth, and femininity.

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