In today’s world of the brilliant round cut diamond, the marquise often gets overlooked. Cut similar to a cat’s eye, the marquise diamond is a wonderful cut diamond with stunning sparkle and shine. There is no better way to appreciate this stunning stone than with the Tiffany Victoria’s collection! The marquise cut diamond takes center stage in all the designs of this collection.

Marquise cut diamonds

The Marquise cut, also known as the “Navette cut”, has grown considerably in popularity of the last few decades. As a rule, this cut should utilize a 2:1 aspect ratio to achieve it’s unique shape. Most often, these diamonds are used as a center stone or smaller accent stones around the main stone. This cut is not meant for lower quality diamonds, and should be reserved for stones with the highest clarity and color grades.

Because of the shape of the Marquise cut, it’s not recommended for brides that already have long, slender fingers. The shape tends to make the finger seem even thinner, which may not be desirable for the bride (although it’s all about her preference). These diamonds should be secured in “V-end” or “V-prongs” to avoid any chipping or damage to the stone.

Tiffany Victoria Ring

The history of the Tiffany Victoria cut

King Louis XV is credited for having first commissioned the marquise cut diamond to resemble his smile of his mistress. Whether that is true or not, there is no denying that that this cut is feminine and could resemble a smile.

The Tiffany Victoria’s collection features this stunning stone in designs that are in the shape of a flower. These designs are feminine, timeless and gorgeous. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself!

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*pictures courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

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