The Holiday Windows of Tiffany & Co.


Tiffany-HQ-2014As a native New Yorker, some of my favorite memories from my childhood involve the city during the holidays. I was raised on watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade in person, ice skating in central park, and visiting Santa at Macy’s on 42nd Street. Living in Houston now, I hate that I miss out of the wonder that is Manhattan during the holidays. If you have never been to New York, during the holidays would be the best time to plan a trip.


One of my favorite things to do was grab a hot chocolate at Dean and Deluca, and then check out the windows at Macy’s & Tiffany & Co. Since I wont be able to do that in person this year, the next best thing is to cyber stalk the windows from my home office with my Starbucks in hand.


Let’s talk about the Tiffany & Co., this year! To start, the flagship building on Fifth Avenue has been decorated with a lightshow firework display. The inspiration of this design is from the 1939 World’s Fair, where the Tiffany Diamond was on display. To refresh your memory, the Tiffany Diamond is one of the largest (287.42-carat) fancy yellow diamonds in the world.


If you are luck enough to see the building this year, you will see what looks like a light palm tree with a yellow diamond in the center (the exact same showcase design from the World’s Fair). There are four of these “yellow diamond bursts” surrounding the building, and every 15 minutes between 4pm and midnight, the fireworks explode.
The windows this year are a throw back to the 1950’s and 1960’s holiday season. Each window looks like an illustration straight from the famous New Yorker. The color palette is composed of yellow, purple, and of course, Tiffany blue.


These classic windows are given a modern twist, with one of the windows showcasing two dads roasting marshmallows with their child atop a roof in the city. The two dads are sitting next to some of the new pieces from the latest T Collection.


These windows are fantastic. They bring the best of the nostalgic holiday and intertwine the beauty of the world we live in today. I regret that I could not see it in person this year, but if you are in the area, please go in my honor and send pics!


Here are some great images of the windows up-close.

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