Engagement rings for men are not a new concept, but Tiffany & Co. engagement rings for men mark a new era for the brand!

A French luxury goods company  LVMH acquired Tiffany & Co. in January for $15.8 billion. First order of business? Diamonds for men!

This month the brand releases the Charles Tiffany Setting collection, consisting of solitaire men’s rings featuring round-brilliant and emerald-cut diamonds measuring up to 4.3 carats.

Why is Tiffany & Co. Producing Engagement Rings for Men?

First of all, why not? Diamond rings have traditionally been marketed towards women, but not anymore! Here’s why diamonds are seeing more action in mens’ fashion.

Men’s Jewelry is More Common Than Ever

We’re talking about more than just diamonds in a championship Super Bowl ring.

Let’s take it back a few centuries. Diamond rings for men originated with the pinky signet ring. Signet rings were primarily worn by affluent European men from wealthy families.

These rings showcased a carving of the family crest, which could be used to seal letters and sign documents. Tiffany & Co. specifically designed this new line of men’s rings after the traditionally signet ring.

It’s not just rings. Men’s jewelry overall is making a comeback. We’ve especially seen plenty of red carpet appearances lately:

Fashion is Becoming Fluid

Next, fashion trends are more fluid and evolved than ever. Designers are now embracing non binary styles that everyone can wear.

Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Valentino are leading the industry behind Harris Reed- the 24 year old designer that outfitted Harry Styles’ infamous world tour.

This fluid fashion movement combined with more same sex nuptials helped push Tiffany & Co. into this new era of designer rings for men.

Couples are Breaking from Tradition

Finally, more and more couples are leaving conventional ideas and traditions regarding marriage behind.

Whether it’s alternative gemstone engagement rings, women proposing marriage, or self love rings, it only makes sense that Tiffany & Co. update their offerings.

Let’s take a closer look at the Tiffany & Co. engagement rings for men.

Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings for Men

The Charles Tiffany Setting men’s engagement ring line feature six different designs. The rings feature platinum and black or gray titanium bands with either round brilliant or emerald cut diamonds in varying sizes.

Per the Tiffany’s website, these designs showcase strong contours and clean lines reminiscent of the traditional forms of the signet style.

We like the clean and simple, yet elegant look of the rings. The horizontal diamonds paired with a gypsy setting provide a masculine ambiance.

Which one is your favorite?

Final Thoughts on the Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings for Men Line

We’re all about diamonds for men. In our industry, we’re surrounded by diamonds all day long, be it by purchasing loose diamonds for our expansive inventory, designing custom rings for our customers, or explaining the many diamond intricacies to our customers.

But now we’re excited to see a surge in more masculine jewelry designs.

Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring for your future husband, or interested in a diamond ring for the man in your life, come see us!

We can even design similar styles with our vast selection of loose diamonds. Currently, we hold the largest loose diamond inventory in Texas and are continually expanding our offerings.

Is your bride or groom-to-be interested in a unique, customized engagement ring? Let us help create the perfect ring she’ll cherish forever! 

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