Tiffany Bezet Engagement Ring

Bezet_Ring_1What does your engagement ring style say about you? If you are a fan or owner of the Tiffany Bezet engagement ring, your style screams modern, stylish, and trendsetter.

While the majority of engagement rings we sell are set into a halo style design, the Tiffany Bezet ring is slowly becoming popular choice for our clients. What makes this ring so stunning is the bezel setting used to harness the diamond or gemstone.

A bezel setting is when the precious metal is shaped into the exact size of the diamond. The diamond is then set into the metal and sealed all the way around. The final illusion is that of a floating diamond set on a classic band. This is not the setting for a small stone. To get the right impact, a diamond 1 carat or larger works best.Bezet_Ring

The wedding band that accompanies this ring is also simple and elegant. In the same finish as the engagement ring band, Tiffany designed a ring that features deep-set diamonds around the entire band. The final look is classic, modern and elegant.



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