Three stone engagement rings offer deeper meanings, more versatility, and more budget options than almost any other ring setting available on the market today.

Over the years, three stone engagement rings have become increasingly popular. Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has helped many of our customers design beautifully unique and creative three stone pieces for a wide range of special occasions and price points.

Three Stone Engagement Ring Examples

Here are a few things that we LOVE about three stone engagement rings at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers:

The Meanings Behind a Three Stone Engagement Ring

The three stone engagement ring gives you the ability to add a deeper meaning to what is already a very special occasion.

Three main reasons to choose a three stone ring include:

  1. Engagement ring to symbolize the past, present, and future
  2. Engagement “Holy Trinity” ring for those with strong religious backgrounds
  3. Mother’s Day gift to represent the family and/or children

Often called PPF rings (past, present, and future), your engagement ring could symbolize where you have been as a couple, how happy you are now, and how strong your relationship will be in the future.

Another popular term used to describe the three stone engagement rings is the “Holy Trinity” ring. Couples that have a strong religious background could use the three side by side diamonds to symbolize the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of the Holy Trinity. Many couples see this is a strong cornerstone that will stabilize their relationship for years to come.

A three stone ring can also be used in situations other than an engagement and is very popular for special holidays like Mother’s day or an anniversary. Some of our customers use the three stones to represent the mother, father, and first child and present the ring as a gift to mothers to celebrate their new addition to the family!

The Versatility

Next, three stone engagement rings give you options to use multiple types of gemstones, or different sizes of diamonds to create the perfect ring for your significant other.

There are three main styles that you can use as a base for your design:

Equal sized – All three diamonds or gemstones are the exact same size, creating a “wow” factor and pop from a distance.

Slightly graduated – The center stone is slightly larger than the accompanying stones on either side. This style is very elegant and provides a similar “pop” of the equal sized setting, while also drawing the eye to the center stone.

Traditionally graduated – This is the most popular design for three stone engagement rings. The side stones are significantly smaller than the center stone and greatly accentuate the size and quality of the main center stone.

All three designs give you the option of using different cuts, sizes, and types of gemstones as accent stones to add significance or creativity to your engagement ring.

Want to add more bling? You can also put a halo around EACH of the three diamonds or gemstones in your three stone engagement ring. We’ve seen it all, and would be happy to help guide you through your custom ring design when you come in for your one-on-one appointment.

The Budget

Finally, there’s a three stone ring to fit any budget! When we design a three stone engagement ring for customers, we (and ultimately you) really have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the final price of the ring.

If your budget is moderate, we can select smaller accent stones that will make the center stone look stunning while still giving the ring a strong carat weight. If your budget is on the higher side, we can select three stones that are equally sized with excellent cut and clarity. Either way, we can create an incredible ring that your significant other will love.

The beauty of the three stone engagement ring is that you have a variety of cuts, sizes, colors, and styles to choose from to make the ring fit perfectly into your budget.

Planning to pop the question? If so, allow us to create a one-of-a kind engagement ring. Additionally, we have options for every budget.

Give Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers a call and experience the custom design difference.

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