Rolex Jubilee BraceletDid you know that you can tell a lot about your watch by just three fingers? You can. I’ve actually touched on this subject before on my other site, Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer, about how important it is to give your watch Viagra if you need too.

The three-finger rule, which I made up by the way, is to see if your bracelet is in good shape or not. Now, I didn’t make up the way to see if your watch bracelet is in good shape, but I did make up the name, the three-finger rule.

The Down Low on the Stretch

The three-finger rule is how you can tell if the bracelet on your watch is in good shape. The reason why this is important is because when the bracelet on your watch gets stretched out it means the links are weak, and has the potential to break, even though that is unlikely. The Rolex jubilee bracelet is especially known for stretching out, so you need to watch out for this if you have a jubilee bracelet.

Another reason to know about the stretch is if you are going to resell your watch. If you are selling a watch that is pre-owned and the bracelet is not in good shape and doesn’t pass the three-finger rule, then you won’t get as much money, as the bracelet will be considered scrap.

If you are going to keep your watch and your bracelet has stretch, consider investing the money you need to invest to replace the bracelet with a new one. You won’t be sorry and it is well worth it, especially if you are talking about a Rolex or another high-end watch.

The Three-Finger Rule

The three-finger rule is done like this:


Step 1: Hold the watch with the crown up
Step 2: Grab the head of the watch with your thumb on the bottom and two fingers on the top…three-finger rule
Step 3: Lift the watch until it is perpendicular and at a 90 degree angle to the floor
Step 4: Note the angle that the watch bracelet is hanging at

*The angle that the watch is hanging is called the hanger. The lower the watch bracelet hangs, the worse condition it is in.

If you want some great tips on how to keep your bracelet from needing Viagra, I suggest you go and read the article over on Jonathan’s Diamond Buyer. It really is very good!

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