Elegant. Smooth. Profound. The Rolex Cellini is a standout in the Rolex world, but maybe not for the reasons you might think. This watch is a piece of art that is literally focused on the significance of time itself. No gleaming bells and whistles like you may find on the Daytona or Sea-Dweller here, but it doesn’t matter in this case. Pure, historic class is all that’s needed to make this design incredible.

The Rolex Cellini Heritage

Unlike many of the popular Rolex designs that find their inspiration within the last 100 or so years, the idea behind this watch design goes back to a time where nobility and enlightenment were at the forefront of culture. The Cellini name is inspired by the renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini, who among other things was a sculptor and and goldsmith. His clientele? The popes. 

To symbolize the Renaissance theme, Rolex kept the Cellini design fairly simple as a nod to classic watchmaking. The hands on the dial are shaped as double edged swords. The gold for the case is poured in Rolex’s own gold foundry. The large roman numerals on the dial are possibly it’s most striking and obvious feature.

Even with the old-school nods, Rolex does an incredible job of making this watch feel classy.

This is the type of watch you would see on a lawyer’s wrist in the courtroom, or on a doctor’s wrist while vacationing. It’s not an “in your face” Rolex at all, but it’s just obvious enough to say “success”. With it’s polished look at a 39 mm case, the Cellini is a beauty and exceptionally easy to read. The Cellini can be found in three different models that all have specific purposes:

The Time (Reference 50509)


Hard to beat the original. The Cellini Time is equipped with either a lacquered white or black dial, and the numbers were extended in length for this year’s Baselworld unveiling! All of the Cellini models have a unique double-bezel, with one bezel smooth and the additional bezel fluted.

The Date (Reference 50515)


At Jonathan’s, we generally prefer to wear watches that have a date function. We’re pretty firm believers that a watch should be a useful tool, especially if it’s an everyday wear. The Cellini date comes in four different models, our favorite being the “rayon flammé de la gloire” guilloche motif with a 39mm case and black or brown alligator leather strap (pictured above). The dial can be found in either black or silver on the Cellini Date.

The Dual Time (Reference 50525)


The dual time is the perfect watch for a businessman who travels frequently or deals with clients in a different time zone. This style contains many of the same features of the models listed above, but includes a sub-dial to keep track of a secondary time zone. Like the original Time and Date, the Cellini Dual Time can be found with either a 18k white gold or Everose gold case.

Want to stand out from the rest of the watch crowd? Give us a call or schedule an appointment to select your own Cellini.

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The Cellini is a great watch addition for a distinguished collector or the man that wants to go a different route from the norm! If you’d like to see one of the three models in person, give us a call. Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers can overnight one of these models to our showroom upon request for viewing.

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