[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is 1998 on the banks of the Ilakaka river valley. It is a hot and dry day and in the warm beating sun a seam of high quality unearthed and unexpected sapphires are glittering brightly like a colored carpet.

This is where the story of this Madagascar Sapphire progression begins. From a mere stone, buried deep in the ground for years to what it is today.

The sapphire more than likely was sent to Sri Lanka or Thailand to be polished and cut, although we will never know that for certain, all we know for sure is that it did end up being set in a ring.

Ones Man’s Trash

When it came to me, this poor Madagascar Sapphire had been through the ringer, literally. She had not been taken care of. She had nicks and scratches and I almost dismissed her as being worthless.  But, she was bought as part of an estate, and I figured, I would pop her out of her setting and clean her up and if she was junk, no problem.

Just like Cinderella, she cleaned up and became a princess.  When she came back to me, she was stunning.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this the same stone? Could it be the same stone? Could she have transformed this much?

This Beauty Is Not a Beast
I immediately sent this stone to the GIA to see if what I was seeing was correct.  This is what I got back. Can you dispute a 5.55 carat that is a brilliant cut that is such an amazing color of blue it hurts your eyes.

But, this is the amazing thing.  This stone is SHALLOW.  10.77 x 9.26 x 5.76.  This means that, as far as sapphires go, it should be lighter blue, and it is the deepest blue I have ever seen in a sapphire.

And, there is one more thing…this sapphire is natural. No heat treatment, so this blue is as God and nature intended.

It brings tears to my eyes…. and we have it for sale. Here and now.

The Natural Madagascar Sapphire
This sapphire is stunning in its blue color, which is deep and true, and cornflower blue. If you were grading a diamond, this stone would be a VS1. It is 5.55 carats and spready, so it looks like a large stone and loses none of its color, even though it is a shallow stone. This stone has had no heat treatment. It is cushion shaped and step cut and transparent.  And, yes, it is GIA certified. This is a once in a lifetime stone, and I see the final progression of this stone to be center stone, surrounded by diamond side stones.  If you would like to purchase this stone, contact Sergio at (832) 277-5725, via email at Sergio@diamondbuyer.com or by filling out the form below you can buy the stone via PayPal.


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