The best times of year to propose and the most popular ways to do it

For any guy that is planning on proposing, they always face the tough decisions of when and how to do it. It’s a popular sentiment that women start planning for their wedding when they’re just children, but the total opposite is true for most guys out there.

The process of picking out the ring is just the first step, and the logistics of actually getting down on one knee and hoping she’ll say yes can be daunting.

We have a few suggestions that will help any guy pick out the best date and strategy for an ultra-successful marriage proposal.

The most popular times of year to propose:

November through January are typically the months that the jewelry industry considers “proposal season”. According to, almost 40% of proposals happen during this time.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. Early summer and fall can also be popular times to propose, and obviously, you can’t forget about Valentine’s Day, which accounts for 30% of proposals according to a proposal survey in

When you look at the list below, it will probably stand out that Christmas and several days surrounding it are by far the most popular days to get down on one knee.

The holidays always have a special feel to them, and often times the entire family is in town. That makes for a memorable proposal and a great celebration afterward.

Here are the 10 most popular days to propose:

1. Christmas Day

2. Valentine’s Day

3. Christmas Eve

4. New Year’s Day

5. The Saturday before Christmas

6. Two Saturdays before Christmas

7. New Year’s Eve

8. The Friday before Christmas

9. December 23rd

10. July 4th

Now please, don’t feel like you need to stick to these dates! The truth is that all times of the year are a great time to propose. Focus more on the experience and the memories that you’re going to create for her, and the rest will take care of itself.

Below are a few creative ideas you can use to plan your perfect wedding proposal!

7 Unique Ways to Propose:

1. Get a puppy

Who can say no to puppies, right? Puppies take a lot of work, but getting the dog of her dreams is a great way to reinforce how serious you are about spending the rest of your lives together and showing commitment. Before you take this route – be 100% sure that she really wants a dog and that you’re ready to take care of it for the rest of its life.

Here’s a list of successful puppy proposals from!

2. Propose on the Beach

The best way to nail the perfect beach proposal is to do a little bit of legwork beforehand. You’ll want to make sure that you pick a secluded spot, and maybe even get some flowers and champagne. After you etch a personalized “marry me” message into the sand, get her to the spot as soon as possible to propose. She’ll be blown away!

3. Proposal movie trailer

This option would take a ton of planning, but any local movie theatre would probably jump at the chance to help you on your big day. Here’s a clever way to pull it off:

4. T-Shirt proposal

If you’re going to have a family get together or a party with friends, give each one of them shirts that spell out “Will you marry me?” Just make sure that they are in the right order before she walks in the door.

5. Photo shoot proposal

If there’s one thing that women like, it’s picture sessions. Surprise her with a couples photo session, and get down on one knee. She’ll be surprised, and also have incredible engagement photos to share with all of her friends and family.

6. Flash mob proposal

What better way to surprise her than with a giant group of dancing people? Act surprised at first, and then jump in when a romantic song (that you chose beforehand) comes on. End the routine by popping the question.

7. Box in a box in a box

This is great for Christmas morning. All you have to do is wrap the ring box in wrapping paper, and then put it in another larger box, wrap it, and so on. An alternative option is to leave the smallest box empty, and when she opens it pull the ring box from behind your back and surprise her!

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