My son Keifer just purchased a Rolex Datejust II and after doing lots of research, he wants to help clear up some of the confusion between the Datejust II and Datejust 41 so he’s written this week’s post.  Take it away, Keifer!

Datejust 41, reference 126334


Today we’re comparing two major players in the Rolex watch world- The Datejust II and the Datejust 41.  Which is a better buy and why?  First off, both of these models are absolute stunners in their own right and manage to sell at an astounding rate.

First, let’s cover the key similarities of the Datejust II and the Datejust 41.

Despite what most think- the Datejust II is not larger. The case, dial, and overall dimensions of the models are proportionally the same. Both measure 41mm in diameter and are guaranteed to make a statement on anyone’s wrist.

When viewing the watches side by side, it’s easy to see the misconception.

The slightly wider 18k white gold fluted bezel on the Datejust II gives the appearance of a larger surface area.  I think this was a key reason Rolex wanted to create the Datejust 41- to achieve a much more refined and clean look, while keeping the size.

Both of these models are water resistant up to 100 meters/330 feet. The screw down twinlock crown is identical for both models, ensuring a tight and secure water-resistant case. The Cyclops magnifier over the date window, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and the oyster architecture as a whole are all the same for both models.

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Next we’ll look at the major differences of the Datejust II and the Datejust 41.

A key contrast of the latter Datejust 41 model is the variety of color and metal options available.

It’s produced in two-tone options featuring stainless steel and yellow gold on an oyster link bracelet, or steel and rose gold on an oyster bracelet.

One of my personal favorite new Datejust 41 features is the jubilee bracelet in lieu of the oyster. The jubilee bracelet contains more links than the oyster bracelet which seemingly creates a more comforting fit.

This bracelet preference depends on your personal comfort and on how you like for them to lay on your wrist.



The largest separation between the Datejust 2 and 41 is the movement. The new Datejust 41 is powered by the Rolex caliber 3235 movement, while the Datejust 2 runs on the Rolex caliber 3136.

The improved and updated 3235 movement has several key differences, including:

  1. New Chronergy escapement.
  2. A more efficient gear train. (The series of wheels transmitting the energy from the barrel to the escapement.)
  3. A very high capacity barrel, without increasing the size of the older one, which adds another 10 hours to the overall power reserve.
  4. A new self-winding module which basically creates a more efficient and precise machine.

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As a whole this new 3235 movement uses about 30% less energy and combined with the new mainspring, the power reserve is now at 70 hours!

Now lets look at how the Datejust II differs from its newer counterpart.

The Datejust II has a few extra options that the Datejust 41 lacks, mainly in the dial and face options. The Datejust II is available in a solid roman numeral dial, a slate roman dial, and Arabic numbers. These are all in addition to the same dial options in both models including the standard luminescent indexes and diamond indexes.


The Datejust II does not come with the option for a jubilee bracelet. Every model comes with the oyster link bracelet.

Lastly, the Datejust II is a discontinued model, making unused versions hard to find, however plenty can be found on the secondary market.


Overall, both the Datejust II and the Datejust 41 are manufactured with absolute precision and are extremely fine time pieces in their own right. You can’t go wrong when deciding between the models.

Whether you enjoy the Datejust II dial options or the “latest and greatest” master machinery powering the Datejust 41, you are sure to enjoy and wear either with pride!


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