Bulgari Cuff linksI have had cuff links on my mind lately.  I think it’s because my son, Jonathan is getting married.  I have gotten a new tuxedo for the occasion and with that a new tuxedo shirt that I want a new pair of cuff links for.  A beautiful pair came into my showroom, but I missed out on them, and I have been on the hunt ever since.

Other than a watch and a wedding band, cuff links are the one piece of jewelry that I love as a man. The funny thing is, although I don’t wear cuffed shirts often I love the sophistication and the history of them, which prompted me to become a collector.

The History of the Cuff Link

Cuff linksThe cuff link dates back to the Seventeenth century when men used to use ribbons and string to tie their cuffs back, and in fact, the Royal families often commissioned cuff links to mark weddings or other special events.  But, although they can be dated back as early as the Egyptians, they became really popular after the book The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas came out.

This is when the French cuff became the fashion statement and cuff links became a staple in most men’s wardrobe.

Materials for Cuff Links

Antique Coin Cuff linksAs you can imagine, the materials for cuff links can be just about anything and everything, from gold to silver and all types of gems, from diamonds to rubies to citrines and jet.  Enamel is very popular in estate and antique cuff links and rubies and small emeralds are used often, as are cabochon stones.

Cuff Links can be double headed with a chain between them or a bar.  They can have a single head with a bullet back closure or a whale back closure.  The fact is, the main purpose, other than to wink and look great at your wrist is to hold your cuff together and take the place of a button.

Cuff Links Aren’t Just For Men

The latest trend is that cuff links aren’t just for men and you find many women wearing them as well.  I don’t know about you, but I find it very sexy to see a woman in french cuffs.

The Cuff Link Conundrum

There is one conundrum though about the cuff link that I have, and perhaps you can answer this for me…

It is jewelry or is it men’s wear?

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