Chanel J12I have never been a huge fan of branded watches, and most specifically of watches that are from fashion design houses.  Call me a watch snob, but I find that fashion designers don’t always make the best watch makers, and they put out watches that look great, but don’t always run great and last in the long run.  Add to that the premium you are paying for the designers name on that watch, and I feel like you are getting ripped off.

Just one man’s opinion.

But, then a customer, who is an old friend, brought in her Chanel J12 that needed to be serviced.  She had dropped it and the crystal had cracked and it was no longer working.  I had never really examined the Ceramic Chanel J12 before.  This is my take on it.

The Chanel J12

This ceramic watch comes in white, black and now a very cool gray.  Yes, even I think it’s cool.  It’s much heavier than it seems it would be.  The clasp is butterfly and is magnetic, but holds fairly well.  The case is thick and the crown is a screw down.  It’s a nice looking watch.

My opinion started to change.

I actually liked the feel of this designer watch.  It had a nice heft, and the ceramic was nice and thick and sturdy and the watch looked nice up close and from a distance.  It looked like a designer watch, but did it look like a $5,000 watch? I didn’t think so, and I still don’t.

The Ceramic Watch Look-A-Likes

There are plenty of look a likes out there that are ceramic and look identical to the Chanel J12.  Do they say J12 or Chanel on them? No.  But, they also don’t cost $5,000, more like $100.  So, there are alternatives.  They look the same, feel maybe a bit lighter and might not last as long, but in the end they will serve the same purpose, which is to tell the time on your wrist with a nice looking ceramic watch.

I don’t think the ceramic Chanel J12 is going to be an iconic watch like a Cartier Pasha or the Rolex Submariner.  I don’t see it holding its value or people clamoring for it year after year.  In fact, it’s a fad watch that will come and go just like all the Michele Watches have, the only difference is, these say Chanel on them.

Chanel has beautiful bags, clothes and shoes, but they should stick to what they do best and leave the watches to the big boys.  And, if you have the money to burn, and you want to have that name on your wrist, go out and buy it! If you want a nice black ceramic watch, spend $99 and buy an Akribos XXIV.

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