chandelier EarringHave you ever wanted to swing from the chandelier? I know that in my younger days there were plenty of times I probably did, but today I just believe in a chandelier that can swing from an ear.  A tried and true trend that never goes out of style is the chandelier earring.  It is smart and sexy and can be worn day or night.

I am not a stylist, but there are enough gals in the office and enough gals that come in to the showroom, and yes, I am a bit metro-sexual that I can not only appreciate what is hanging from a lady’s earlobe, but also I notice what is hanging from those lobes.

What can I say, I am a jewelry guy…I notice things like that!

The Chandelier Earring – Why?

The Chandelier Earring has been popular in India and the Middle East for thousands of years and one of the reasons for its popularity is the versatility of this earring.  You can use virtually any type of metal and any type of gemstone for these earrings.  Also, the post can be a straight post or a hook post and the designs on the chandelier can be unlimited.

Sex it Up & Smart it Up

I love the sexy look for the chandelier earring for a night out on the town.  Pull your hair back and let those chandeliers swing or with your hair back in a bun and your business suit on go to work with some sexy hanging from your ears.

Chandelier Earring


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