Father’s Day is around the corner and we know exactly what dads want. At the top of his list- a classic, reliable, luxury watch that will work just as hard as he does.  A watch that makes a statement without him saying a word.  Although we carry several luxury watch brands, there is no label more iconic or world class when it comes to style and innovation other than Rolex.

That’s why we’ve compiled dad’s ultimate Rolex wish list for your gifting pleasure.  Whether he’s an outdoor adventurer, a corner office dweller, avid traveler or all of the above- Jonathan’s has you covered.

Check out the best Rolex watches for Father’s Day:

Rolex Submariner

What originated as a scuba diving watch with its increased water resistance has now taken a seat as the ultimate go-to sports watch. The Submariner is often the introduction into the Rolex watch world because it’s perfect for daily wear and easily transitions to a dress watch if needed.

There have been many variations and references produced over the decades, but the constant date feature always keeps the Submariner sporty and functional.  It’s a classic timepiece likely to hold its value as it ages.  If the dad in your life doesn’t already own a Rolex, this model is a must have.

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Rolex Milgauss


The Milgauss has a cool history because it was designed to withstand intense electromagnetic fields for scientists working in research, the medical field, and in power plants.  Why the name? ‘Mil’ comes from ‘mille’, meaning 1,000 in Latin and ‘gauss’ is the unit of a magnetic field, thus reflecting how high of a magnetic field the watch can withstand. Science 101 baby.

If your guy is into unique features- this watch is for him.  The watch has an internal magnetic shield, making it slightly thicker than other Rolex models. Also- who wouldn’t love an orange lightning bolt second hand? This time piece will definitely get attention and automatically upgrades his cool points.


Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman”

Speaking of cool points, it doesn’t get any more bad ass than the Rolex GMT II Batman.  First of all, the original GMT-Master was designed for pilots and flight crews, allowing them to easily read two different time zones in the air.  Secondly, it features a blue and black “Cerachrome” bezel- a Rolex developed scratchproof and resilient combination of ceramic and chrome.

The GMT-Master II Batman is a HIGHLY sought-after watch.  It’s great for daily wear like the Submariner, but folks can’t get enough of the blue and black dial, hence the ‘Batman’ nickname.

Yes, it’s eye-catching but it’s just as functional, making it a perfect choice for his elevated, casual collection.

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Rolex Daytona

No need to be a race car driver to own a Daytona, but bonus points if he is! Built for measuring speed, the tachymetric scale engraved on the bezel showcases speed in kilos or miles per hour.  Another functional feature is the smaller chronograph dials- allowing a lap or an entire race to be timed out.

Don’t speak racecar? No worries- the Rolex Daytona is just a freakin’ cool looking watch and any dad would love to have one.  If he’s into the vintage scene, Rolex Daytonas have been selling like crazy this past year!  Still today, modern versions are easily one of the most purchased Rolex models and perfect for any guy starting up his collection.

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Rolex President Day-Date

The Rolex Day-Date reached Presidential level when Dwight Eisenhower was rumored to have worn one, but it HAS in fact been worn by Kennedy, Ford, Reagan, Nixon and Roosevelt. The actual name refers to the type of bracelet featured on the watch, a classic band almost exclusively featured on the Day-Date models.  Another obvious feature that makes the Day-Date office appropriate is the literal display of the week day and the date of the month.

The President Day-Date only manufactures these watches in 18ct yellow, rose and white gold, as well as 950 platinum- further proving the watch’s favor by government leaders, athletes, musicians and successful entrepreneurs alike.  This one’s perfect for our class act dads with refined taste.

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These styles are not only perfect for Father’s Day, but larger 40mm watch faces are trending for the ladies too.  Talk to us about a matching his/her Rolex watch set today! 


If you are interested in purchasing a luxury watch for Father’s Day (or for yourself), give us a call or fill out our contact form. Check out our Facebook page for box openings and watch reviews by our in-house watch expert Sergio Nuncio!

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