[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Most of us are pretty Internet savvy these days, but there are still times when navigating Google or Yahoo can be trying.  For instance, if you have a diamond to sell and you are searching for the best diamond buyer, you will get companies come up that you didn’t even know existed.  In fact, you will get things that might look like this:


Did you know that Google can tell where you are located, so they will geo locate businesses that are near you first in the search? It’s true.  So, these businesses that I have circled, they are actually not separate businesses, but really one company that has thrown up several websites to corner the market, and if you look at all of the sites, they all say the same thing on them, with a different layout. 

Diamond Buyer Search

If you are searching for a diamond buyer in Houston, you might think you are contacting three different businesses by calling each of these companies, when in fact, you will be only contacting the same company over and over…and over again.

Here are some interesting facts about a lot of companies that throw up these websites online.  There is nothing on them. Sure, they will tell you a name, address and phone number.  They will even tell you what they buy and how to get your goods to them.  They might have one or two articles on their site and a contact form, but do they really give you any information that tells you they know what they are doing?

In fact, they get where they are on the Google search for diamond buyer, not by producing good content or quality articles but by buying Google ads or by buying URL’s that have the name of the search that you are looking for.  The question is though, does that qualify them to buy your estate jewelry, diamonds, watches and gold? Not necessarily.

Here is a true story.

We had a site just like the ones we circled.  It had nothing on it but the basics and the URL was a diamond buyer URL. It was cheap and the business we attracted was cheap as well.  This is how I know what I am talking about.  After consulting with someone who knew what they were talking about I revamped my site and scraped the old site and went with an entirely new URL and started over…from scratch.

It was scary, because I lost my ranking in the race to be number one in the Google search for diamond buyer by throwing up a cheap site.  But, my new gal told me to be patient and we did it her way.  I started to write.  I write every other day so you know that I know about estate jewelry, diamonds, watches and gold.  I write so you see that I care about my customers.  I write so you can see that value your valuables and that this is a business I care about, not just a bottom line.  I cared enough to start over and do it right.

What I’ve Learned

I’m not telling you not to go to these other guys to sell your diamonds, estate jewelry or watches. After all; I was these guys and I had some pretty good sales. I was staying afloat without showing that I really knew the difference between a Rolex Submariner and a Rolex GMT Master or that I knew the difference between estate and antique jewelry.

In fact, I encourage you to talk to them first, and this is why, because you will end up selling it to me if you come to me last.  You see, as a diamond buyer I not only have the testimonials, the information, the content that proves I know what I am talking about, but when you come to me through Google, you won’t get me when you click on three or four different sites all saying the same thing.  I only need one site to let you know that I am the real deal best diamond buyer, and not just in Houston, but everywhere.

The Proof is in the Diamond Buying

My business is where it is today because of the changes I made four months ago when I started from scratch.  Remember how I told you it was scary?  I put my trust in the gal who told me it was the right thing to do and she was right. I have never looked back and my business has never been better.  My business is no longer just a Houston based business, but a nationwide based business and I am once again in love with what I do.

Do we come up number one for the Google search for diamond buyer yet? No.

Will we come up number one for the Google search for diamond buyer? Absolutely.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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