It’s hard to believe, but Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to pull out the tees, tanks and sleeveless frocks and load up on the bangle bracelets. If you are anything like my wife, you have spent the past few weeks toning up your arms, getting ready to bare them to the world, and there is nothing sexier than a toned arm with bling around the wrist.

I am not an exercise guru (if you’ve met me, you would know that!) but I did spend my younger years in the boxing ring, and I do have a few tips on how to keep a fit upper body, so I thought it might be fun to throw in a couple of exercises you could do to tone.

So, slip on a few bangles and use them as mini weights and lets start to get toned!

Jade Bangle Bracelet Wrist Rotations

This is a great starter exercise for those that want to look fashionable and haven’t worked out in a while.  Start by placing two of these jade bangle bracelets on each wrist.

jade banlge braceletsI would start with the Gumps multi-color jadeite bangle bracelet that weighs 239.5 grams and has a 14 kt. Gold hinge, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off during the rotations!

Pair this with a vintage light green hand carved jadeite jade bangle bracelet which is lighter in weight, and the colors will be FABULOUS together! On the other wrist, put the vintage deep green hand carved nephrite jade bangle bracelet with a carved nephrite jade & 14 kt. yellow gold link bracelet.

Now that both wrists are nicely balanced and looking mighty fine, I might add, hold your arms straight out in front of you and while you are admiring these beauties, rotate your wrists inwards and outwards for 60 seconds.

Steel Mesh Bracelet Punch

mesh braceletsThis is a great exercise to do with these particular bracelets, because of the width of the bracelets, you get some extra support for your wrists while you are punching, which you might need, while still looking extremely fashionable and chic at the same time.

Placing one black steel mesh bracelet on each wrist, each is decorated with a different diamond embellishment for a bit of bling and is 14 kt.

Gold for measure, stand with your feet hip width apart and strike a sexy pose.  Then punch one arm out in front of you at a time.  Continue for 60 seconds.

Diamond Bangle Bracelet Bling Bicep Curls

diamond bangle braceletsBiceps are some of the toughest muscles to tone up.  They are those tiny little muscles on the backs of your arms, but if you put on some of these diamond dangle bracelets, then you are sure to buff up those biceps with this bling workout in no time flat.

Whether you put on one or all of these, it really doesn’t matter, just be sure you always have at least one on each wrist for the following exercise.

After slipping on the diamond goodness, stand with your legs shoulder width apart.  Bend slightly forward and raise and lower the arm from the elbow behind you.  Make sure this is the arm that is wearing the diamond bracelet! Do this for 60 seconds and switch arms.

Guaranteed Results

Okay, there are no guarantees, other than the fact that you will look fabulous in your bangle bracelets!

If you are interested in purchasing your own bangle bracelet, give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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