The package arrived and I wasn’t that excited to open it, because even though you have a description of the estate jewelry that was being sent, you just never know. I cut open the tape and took out the box and methodically unwrapped the contents and dropped them on my desk.

I sat back in my chair with my mouth open, catching flies, as I stared in wonder at the antique diamond watch. When something this stunning and delicate sits in front of me, I often like to gaze in wonder before I even touch it.  I stared at the band and the face, almost afraid that my big hands would somehow disintegrate this amazing piece of jewelry.

It’s a Delicacy
When you get something this stunning, it is not just a watch, but a piece of jewelry, and a piece of jewelry that is meant to be worn.  It is a delicacy with roughly 12 total carats of diamonds that are set in platinum.


It’s a Work of Art
The band is made entirely of baguettes… 87 in total.  But, what makes this a work of art is that each baguette has to be specially cut by hand, one at a time, which makes it labor intensive and one of a kind.


It’s an Antique
Estimated to be made in the 1950’s or 1960’s, this stunning watch STILL WORKS! The inner workings are stamped Avalon Watch Company and just by the craftsmanship of the band and the 18 small round brilliant diamonds set around the bezel, I can tell that it is typical of a high-end watch maker or jeweler.

It’s an Original
Piaget has a watch with a similar band, where the baguettes line up perfectly, just like they do on this band that they currently produce. Do you think they copied this original design?


It’s for Sale
Like the Star Sapphire ring that found a home so quickly through this site, I am hoping that this lovely watch will find a gorgeous wrist to reside on as well.

This stunning watch can be bought and worn for years to come and enjoyed by yourself or your loved one. If you have any questions about this lovely piece, please contact me at (832) 277-5725 or email me at, or if you want to buy it now, just fill out or handy form below!


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