Of all the items that I buy – I have a special affinity towards watches. It could be because when I worked in the pawn industry as a young man watches were the one thing that I collected, and that was before I even knew anything about them. The movement and function of the watch, as well as the beauty of how a watch is made and how the inner workings tick have always fascinated me.

In fact, if I find a watch that I love, that is the only thing I will ever spend retail on if I can’t find it wholesale or used!  Yes, I confess, I do sometimes buy new and full price. 🙂

So, what is it about the 5 watches below that I love so much?

I love the feel of the weight on my wrist, the crystal catching the light as I drive, being able to always glance down and see the time and, I admit, it’s an ego trip to own a luxury item that no man should ever own.

5 Watches that No Man Should Ever Own

5 Watches

The Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet Perpetual Calendar 25911OR/O/0002CR/01 is the height of luxury and temperament. Imagine owning this watch in rose gold with an alligator strap and a tang buckle. It comes with a self-winding box and for the asking price of over $60,000, it should.  This watch has a perpetual calendar that shows the day, date, moon phases, month and leap years.  And, if you want to own a piece of luxury like this, guess what, I have one that no man should ever own,

5 Watches

The Patek Phillippe Perpetual Calendar Self-Winding Watch 5940J-001 is stunning in its beauty. 18 Karat gold cushion shaped face that is ultra thin with a moon phase and cream colored dial and gold applied numbers and an alligator band with prong buckle. This watch is masculine in its simplicity and super understated.

5 Watches

The Paul Newman Rolex Daytona circa 1960’s goes for anywhere between $60,000 and $100,000 and is the quintessential in a watch that no man should ever own, and one that I wish I did own. It’s no secret that I love Rolex and consider it one of the best built watches, and this one is no different. What makes this Daytona so special? The dial is either black or white with a contrasting subdial, which you will not find on any other Daytona. And, let’s not forget it’s just fine as all get out.

5 Watches
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Although the Panerai is adapted for extreme military use, I still conclude that it is as luxurious as any watch that no man should ever own, especially the Luminor 1950 8 Days GMT Oro Rosa.  I love that this watch has a lever device that protects that crown, and in fact, this is one of my most favorite watches, and yes, one that I do own. This guards the winding crown so the hands will not be shifted inadvertently and contributes to the water tightness of the crown. If you beat up your watches, this is your brand.

5 Watches
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How’s this for the last of the 5 watches? Unless you are a pro tennis player or golfer the Richard Mille Tourbillon 035 and 038 are DEFINITELY watches that no man should ever own.  When you look at this watch, you would never think it would be able to last through 5 rounds at Wimbledon, but last it does, so imagine how well it would do when being worn to work and back? This manual winding watch with complicated movement can be worn from the golf course to a black tie affair and it won’t skip one second on time. Sporty and elegant makes it a perfect watch and one that is on my hit list.

What do you think about the 5 watches we mentioned? Or the flip side, which watches do you think all men should own….because I know that the ones above that I don’t own, I want to own!

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