Last week, Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers began a brand new series on iconic individuals that wear Rolex watches! Our first post outlined past United States Presidents and their famous Rolex counterparts, from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s one of a kind Datejust, to JFK’s Day-Date gift from Marilyn Monroe. This week we want to take a look at another powerful combination:

Blockbuster Actors and Rolex

Because of their high visibility and impact at the box office, mega actors are highly sought after by every fine watch brand you can imagine. Just one flash of a wristwatch on the silver screen can send out waves of influence and lead to sale after sale. When it comes to getting the best of the best to wear their brand, Rolex has been ahead of the game for years.

Decades ago, the likes of Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and Robert Redford were known as the power actors supporting the Rolex name. Times have changed, but the caliber of actor that wear Rolex watches has certainly stayed the same. The male film stars of today represent everything that Rolex does: Power, class, success, fame, and most importantly…tons of dollar signs!

Here is Jonathan’s top 5 list of Actors that sport a Rolex today:

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is basically the epitome of cool. His movies combined have grossed for over 3 billion (yes, with a “b”) dollars over his film career. Whether he was taking out bad guys and saving the day in Die Hard, freaking people out in Sixth Sense, or sharing the stage with Jessica Alba in Sin City, Bruce has a certain machismo that fits perfectly with the Rolex brand.

Bruce Willis is known to have worn a two-toned Datejust ref. 1623-3, as well as a Platinum Yachtmaster ref. 1662-2 on a stainless steel oyster bracelet.

Tom Hanks

My Mama always said, “Life is like a Rolex Sea-Dweller, you know that it’s in-house 3135 movement is going to work perfectly every time“. – Forest Gump

Fine, that’s not exactly how the quote went…but you get the idea.

Tom Hanks is arguably the greatest actor of his generation, and he can back it up with his two Oscars, six Emmy awards, four Golden Globes, and countless other awards that he has racked up over his career. His success and fame as a world-class actor fits perfectly with the Rolex brand, and honestly, so does his classy demeanor away from the camera.

Tom Hanks is an avid Rolex wearer, and has been seen with a Rolex GV Milgauss ref. 116400, Explorer with an oyster bracelet ref. 114270, and the Sea-Dweller ref.1660-0 mentioned above.

Brad Pitt

Want the ladies to look at you with the same googly eyes that they’ve look at Brad Pitt with over the course of his acting career? Make an appointment with Jonathan’s today and pick out a Rolex. It might not get you the exact same results, but we can guarantee it won’t hurt.

Brad Pitt is famous for his roles in incredible macho movies like Fight Club, Moneyball, Ocean’s 11, and Se7en. In addition to famous movies, he wear’s killer watches too. Pitt is known to have a Rolex GMT Master II ref. 1671-0, Submariner ref.1661-3, and the classic 41mm Day-date II ref. 218238 in his collection.

Matt Damon

We had a tough time picking between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for this spot, but Damon’s role in some of the manliest movies ever made gave him a slight edge. From the Bourne Identity series to his role in the war classic Saving Private Ryan, Matt Damon makes all of us want to try sliding across the hood of our car to get to the driver’s side at least one time.

Rolex rumors run fierce around Matt Damon, as he was supposedly set to be the new face of the Rolex brand around the year 2000. There is also a story out there of Matt buying thirty-six Rolex watches for his long-time friends at a college reunion! Damon is known to regularly wear a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer ref. 114270.

Daniel Craig

No fine watch list would be complete without the current James Bond on it. While the James Bond brand is officially associated with Omega, Craig channels his inner man-ness and wears the brand that HE wants to both on and off the screen: Rolex.

Craig’s Rolex collection is extensive and ever-growing. Here are the models that we know he wears to date: Submariner ref. 1661-0, Daytona ref. 1652-0, Project X Designs PXD SS1 Limited Edition Submariner ref. 16610 LV, and a Green Crystal Milgauss ref. 116400V.

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