Star SapphireIt’s so hard for me to pick gemstones that are my favorite, because truth be told, I love them all.  I have been lucky enough to get some stunning star sapphires set in gorgeous rings lately, and I have always been a bit obsessed by the star sapphire and how it is formed and the phenomena of it.

The formation of all gemstones are truly amazing, but to think that the chatoyant bands from the sapphire cross in the center in several different directions to create rays and suddenly a star is born, well, that is truly Mother Nature at her best, or if you want to be technical, asterism.

How Many Rays Does a Star Sapphire Have?

Star SapphireThe number of rays relates to the gems crystal structure.  In corundum, which is the structure of sapphire, stars usually have six rays.

Why Are Star Sapphires Cut as Cabochons?

If a star sapphire is less transparent, translucent or opaque it is cut as a cabochon to show off and support the start effect with the six rays.  The best cabochons are smooth with high domes and have good symmetry.

What is the Best Color of a Star Sapphire?

Star SapphireThe star sapphire comes in so many different colors, although the most noted are blue and black.  The most desirable is an intense and vivid blue, but they can be pink, orange, yellow, green, lavender and grey.

The Most Famous Star Sapphire?

The Star of Asia in Washington DC at the Smithsonian Institute is more than 330 carats is from the Mogok mines of Burma.

Are Star Sapphires Treated?

Yes.  Most are heat treated, but if they are then the jeweler you buy them from has to inform you before you purchase it.  If they don’t mention it, be sure to ask!

How Is It Worn?

Star SapphireIn EVERYTHING!!

Do You Have Any?


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