Hot or Not?I love to explore trends to see if they are hot or not.  And, this one is a doozy, so you tell me…it is hot, or it is not?

It doesn’t seem like the iPhone 6 is coming out anytime soon, but don’t despair, because can buy yourself a solid gold and diamond iPhone 5 or if the diamonds are too much for you just the all gold iPhone 5 instead.  Yes, these are both really made and yes they might be a little too much for you, but for some they might not be enough.

Solid Gold iPhone 5 – Hot or Not?

Solid Gold iPhone 5This is what you get for a measly $75,187.20.

20 grams of 18 kt. gold…on the website it’s written as CT.  Could that be a red flag??
Luxury cherry oak finished box
Apple earpod with remote and mic
Dock connector to USB cable
USB power adapter
Documentation/authentication certificate.

All of their iPhones are unlocked and can be used on any networks in the world, which is a relief for 75 grand, right?

Solid Gold with Diamonds iPhone 5Now, if you love diamonds, like me, then you can take this beauty a step further and add some bling for a mere $20,000 more!  What does this get you? The Superstar ICE will be covered in 364 diamonds – 5.5 carats in total – or other stones that you want and I am assuming that they have, as they don’t provide a list. AND, this phone comes in a BLACK piano box!

This company, which is the brainchild of Laban Roomes, is called Goldengenie and they bling or gold out everything, from iPods and iPads to cars.  And, as ridiculous as it might sound, it is actually ingenious some of the things that he does.

So whether or not you are in the market for a solid gold iPhone 5 or not, go and visit Goldengenie and tell me whether you think this trend is hot or not in the comment section!

*all images courtesy of Goldgenie

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