smartwatchAll this talk about the smartwatch, and the truth is, I don’t want a smartwatch. I don’t want a watch that is smarter than a third grader or smarter than me for that matter.  As a matter fact, I think we are so overloaded with technology why do we need even more on our wrists? What’s next, implanted into our heads?

Is a Smartwatch Smart?

I have read about the smartwatch, and frankly, it hasn’t impressed me enough to get excited about rushing out to want to buy one.  I am a tech type of guy.  I like gadgets. I really love Apple gadgets to be exact, but I still would not run out and buy an apple iWatch, even if it could drive my car, answer my iPhone and date Siri.  But, let’s take a look and see how smart a smartwatch is.

  1. Read texts, check the weather, catch sports scores, or receive location reminders
  2. Health monitor and fitness accessory
  3. Streaming music from your smart watch to Bluetooth headphones
  4. Links to smartphones

Now We Are Texting From Our Wrists?

Okay, so it sounds neat.  We can text from our wrists and listen to music and answer emails. We don’t have to pull out our phones while we are sitting at a restaurant on a date, which is really rude.  Instead, we will all pretend like we are looking at our watches reading the time, while we are actually texting and emailing.  Now, that’s not rude is it?

What Happens to Our High End Goodies?

For those of us who enjoy the nicer things in life that encircle our wrists, like our Rolex watches, what do we do with them? Do we wear the smartwatch on one wrist while the Rolex graces the other? One is for time and the other for texting? Now that isn’t obvious is it? I can tell you that until they make a high end version of this very plastic looking watch that appears as if it came out of a gumball machine, but costs as much as a Tag Heurer, I will stick with my Panerai and stay smarter than my watch!

Are you going to be buying a smartwatch?

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