You’ve probably heard of silicone wedding bands by now. They’ve exploded in popularity over the last few years, but have actually been around since 1996.  Silicone bands are made from a rubber-like material and are a perfect alternative when you need to opt out of a traditional band.

We certainly aren’t saying you need a silicone band RATHER than a metal band.  But there are times a silicone band makes life easier.

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Some professions don’t allow metal rings to be worn on the job- think welders, lineman, firefighters and some professional athletes.  Silicone rings break apart or stretch, which prevents degloving if your finger gets caught on a machine.  They’re also non-conducive and heat resistant.

A silicone band comes in especially handy at the gym.  Most people choose not to wear their regular band during exercise due to the equipment, weights and barbells scratching and damaging an expensive ring.  Many folks prefer a silicone ring for active outdoor activities as well- hiking, gardening, rock climbing and swimming to name a few.

For those of us that travel often, a silicone band is perfect because it’s easily replaceable if lost or stolen. A unique, meaningful custom-made wedding band is priceless and harder (and not to mention more expensive) to replace.

Let’s take a look at a few different brands on the market:


SafeRingz is the orginal creator of silicone bands and has been around since 1996.  Three siblings and their spouses created the ring out necessity for their active jobs using their hands.

The SafeRingz products are all made in the USA and range from 11.99 for a standard single band to 39.99 for a bundle of three precious metal colored bands.

Breaking Point: 10.87 lbs

Maximum Temperature: 572 F

Minimum Temperature: -67 F


Enso Rings

Enso Rings is a newer brand on the market and they created their product based on the need for comfort, safety and a nod to the traditional braided hemp ring that ancient Egyptians first created.

This brand has more variety and styles to choose from compared with SafeRingz, with a price point starting at 9.99 per band and increasing to 49.99 per band.  Bundling can provide a slight discount.

Unfortunately, Enso doesn’t provide any specifications on strength or temperature limits on its website.



Photo courtesy of QALO

The QALO brand was born from a few individuals that preach the importance of family, adventure and the outdoors.

You can create your own using the intuitive, customizable website or choose from a number of collections.  Like Enso Rings, Qalo also offers several different variety and stackable styles with a slightly increased price point.

Single, clearance bands for men start at 17.95 and increase in price up to 59.99 for a bundle of two.  A few women’s bands start at 11.95 and go up from there.

A feature that sets this brand apart is their philanthropy work with numerous organizations that give back.  You can purchase a ring from a specific collection and a portion will be donated to the organization.  Some examples are the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the Alliance for Lupus Research.

Breaking Point: some rings up to 34 lbs

Maximum Temperature: 575 F

Minimum Temperature: -75F


Final Thoughts

Silicone bands come in handy when you’re unable or prefer not to wear your traditional metal band- for certain professional obligations, physical activities, travel and injury prevention.

There are several brands on the market.  We like QALO for the variety and their commitment to giving back. If you just need a standard version or want to make sure it meets specific markers, opt for SafeRingz or QALO.

Whichever brand you go with, we’re sure it will be a good option and help keep your traditional, one-of-a-kind band safe and in good condition for the rest of your married forever!

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