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Sexy Nails from Chalkboard Nails

You might not have met me face to face, but you can probably guess that I’m a guy.  I’m not just a guy, I’m an <ahem> older gentleman and I am fairly old fashioned, but I do have a young daughter, and her friends are starting to get married.  Now, I also have young women sitting across from me all the time who are getting married or have just gotten married and I notice nails.  More specifically I notice when nails are not done.

Ladies, nothing looks worse than when you have a beautiful new sparkler on your ring finger and raggedy nails! And, I’m not trying to be mean, just trying to help you out.  Even us men want to see some sexy nails when we look at the rock on your hand.

So, in the spirit of blogging about all things that can help both men and women out from diamond to finger and beyond, let’s talk about some sexy nails for some of those sexy rings that Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers has been making for you women!

Sexy Nails During Your Engagement

Sexy Nails
Metallic Manicure from …love Maegan

I once again went on a hunt for what I would appreciate seeing on my daughter were she to be getting married, and you don’t have to spend a fortune and once again, the Internet has a vast wealth of resources.  After spending hours…and I mean hours…searching around, I finally found my favorite sites and Pinterest boards for you to go and check out.

In fact, these sexy nails are so easy to do I think that if I were a polish wearing man, even I could do them myself!

Best Blogs for Sexy Nails

Chloe’s Nails has some gorgeous light blue and silver tipped sexy nails going on, which would perfect for a touch of blue on the wedding day or even through the engagement.  But, don’t just stop there, because her expertise and knowledge is fantastic and her tutorials are easy to follow and thorough.

I love the metallic look that love Maegan has and wore, but what I really love is how fabulous it looks with her engagement ring and wedding band.  She didn’t get either from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers, but imagine using those colors during your engagement for some soft sexy nails.  You go, Maegan!

There is nothing worse than nails on a chalkboard, but if you do go to Chalkboard Nails, you won’t regret it and your ears won’t be sorry either.  They have done this amazing French manicure gradient that is truly stunning gorgeous and classy and will make your nails so sexy that you can wear this the entire time you are engaged through the wedding and even the honeymoon.  This is one site that I can say gets finely manicured thumbs up from our site!

Best Pinterest Boards for Sexy Nails

Pinterest is also a great place to find sexy nails for your engagement and wedding.  Other than doing a search, here are a few boards that I recommend:

  • Bridal Wedding Nail Art – The best wedding bridal nail art from Nail Art Gallery and Pinterest
  • Bridal Nails/Wedding Manicure – Ideas for a bridal manicure. Beautiful nails for brides. Unas de Novia para el dia de la boda.
  • Wedding Nails – Your wedding nails should accent the style of who you are as a bride. Join this community and share your favorite wedding day nail looks! TIP: To complete your wedding day look, paint your nails with soft colors like opal, pearl, blush pink and lavender. These soft colors will complement your look instead of taking away from what’s important – you!
  • Wedding Nails – Fancy fingernail designs to wear for wedding.

Now, you might think I’m nuts for putting this on the blog, but I do have women in the office that give me ideas and this was one of them!

So, if any of you have any sexy nail ideas that you want to add to the list or sites that you want to add, let me know!! And, if you would like to follow Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers on Pinterest, we would love to have you!

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