September Birthstone – The Sapphire

Blue_Sapphire_LooseWhen I think of September, I think of football, colder weather and sapphires. Of all the months, September’s birthstone the sapphire is one of my favorites. Once believed to protects its owner from envy and harm, the sapphire has always shared a rich history with royalty and the clergy.

The word sapphire comes from the Greek work “sapphirus”- which means blue. Sapphires come in many shades of blue, from a milky white blue to a dark rich blue. In medieval times, this color of blue was believed to represent heaven. This is what made the sapphire so popular with priests of that era.


If you ask the average person what a sapphire looks like, chances are they will say  “a gemstone that is a rich blue”. The most famous sapphire ever is called the Star of India. This 563.35 carat sapphire is a rich milky blue that even has a white star effect in the center. If you are one of the lucky people that has seen this gemstone in display in Manhattan, New York, you might have been shocked to see a sapphire of this color.


Throughout history, the gift of a sapphire is considered to represent sincerity and faithfulness. This may be way the sapphire engagement ring is a popular choice among many, including the famous engagement ring of Princess Diana and now Princess Kate.


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