Vintage Estate JewelrySelling your estate jewelry isn’t always an easy process and can be an emotional process.  Add to that the personal reasons why you need to sell your jewelry and the time frame that you are looking to sell it in, finding the right way for you can be overwhelming.

There are several ways to sell your estate jewelry and not one single right way either.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages and because I believe in the art of transparency, I am going to give you the scoop on them all, including if you decide to sell your estate jewelry to me.

Where to Sell Your Estate Jewelry

EBay – This is the first choice for many people, and it can be a good choice, but here are the downsides of eBay.  There are seller fees for listing and when the item sells, as well as PayPal fees.  There is also not great seller protection and you run the risk of buyer’s remorse, so you can’t count on a final sale.  If your piece is not signed, it is harder to sell if you do not have a presence on eBay, as the competition is huge there.  The listing and the pictures need to be spot on to get the attention to your item and allow it to stand out from the crowd.  Remember, the competition factor on eBay is huge.  The upside is that you set your price and you keep all your profit.  The downside is you might not sell it and you might end up spending money in fees instead.

Consignment – There are several stores that will consign your items for you and even eBay stores that will sell it for you.  This is always a good way to sell your estate jewelry.  The downside is that you have to wait for your item to sell and there is no guarantee it will sell or how long it will take and there will either be a consignment fee or a split in the final sale price of the item once it is sold.  Also, when you consign, you don’t always have a say in how much it will be priced for.  Be sure if you go the consignment route that you are aware of any and all costs, because there can be hidden fees that will crop up once your item is sold.  The upside is that everything is taken care of for you and you just have to sit back and wait for a check!

Auction House – If your estate jewelry is signed and worth a lot of money this is a great alternative to selling it.  You need to have it authenticated and appraised and all your paperwork in order before taking it to an auction house first, then ask about what the percentages are that they take of the final sale price.  Ask them what they start the bidding at and what they expect the pieces to end at.  It will also make a difference to see what other items they will be auctioning the same day as your pieces.  Remember though, there is always the possibility that your pieces won’t sell or will sell for the minimum price that is put on your estate jewelry.

Jewelry Buyer – This would be someone like me.  I examine your pieces and offer you a price based on the market value of resale, not appraisal, based on the current wholesale prices of the gemstone, the prices of gold and the condition of the piece, whether the piece is signed, the age of the piece and the market for the piece.  I will write you a check on the spot, which you can then go and deposit directly into your bank account.  Will you get as much as you might somewhere else? Maybe not.  Will you get immediate funds? Yes.

Pawn Shop – A pawn shop will offer you the lowest price for your estate jewelry.  But, like a jewelry buyer, you will get cash on the spot.  If your piece has value, I would discourage a pawn shop, but encourage you if you are truly looking to explore every avenue.

Private Sale – This will probably net you the most amount of money.  A private sale can be a sale made to an acquaintance, through an ad in the paper or through a friend.  If you do go through an ad, be careful and meet in a public place, and only take a cashiers check or bank wire transfer unless it is someone you know personally! With a private sale, you can set your price for your estate jewelry and get exactly what you want.  Just remember, you have to find the right buyer with a private sale and there still might be some negotiating going on.

If you have other ways you have sold your estate jewelry, tell me about them in the comments!

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